What Is The End Game For Democrats And The Left’s Incessant Racializing Of Everything

How do Democrats and the left expect this constant anti white hatred and antagonism to end?

This daily incessant bashing of a people for no other reason than their race is going to have really horrible consequences.

It seems like we have gone beyond demanding equal treatment under the law for all people, to a vengeful turning of the table against people whose only crime is that their skin tone is a lighter shade, and matches the skin tone of people who did bad things in generations past.

This has to stop!

We continue to reflexively attribute every difficulty, every challenge, every misfortune, every bad thing that happens to black people, to race. Every bad interaction with “Karen” is treated like a national disaster, while this growing problem of anti white hatred is being promoted in the mainstream.

When people try to draw attention to the blatant hostility that we witness everyday with our own eyes and ears, the concerns are casually dismissed. The anti white antagonism is even manifesting itself in instances of violence that goes largely unreported, but elites on the left say it is all happening in the imagination of a privileged people.

Do we really think that white people are going to keep laying back as they continue to be castigated everyday in the mainstream of our society for the color of their skin.

They are not in the same position that black people were in when it was legal and fashionable to treat blacks with contempt.

These people have the tools to fight back right now. It seems they are sitting back hoping that this would go away and die a natural death, but the more we continue to accept this normalization of race hatred, the more awful the consequences are likely to be.

Don’t think for one minute that the bad actors who belong to this group are not going to use the overt antagonism that is flung their way daily, to stir up the anger that many of them already have, and start creating problems. It’s not going to be pretty if we allow this to continue.

People need to start speaking out with their megaphones, condemning this stuff.

The admonition that we should treat each individual according to the content of their character is still as relevant today as when it was first so eloquently spoken by Dr. King.

We are messing up a good thing here people.

This is not going to end well.

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