• Some Inconvenient Truths Blacks Must Admit

    One of the saddest issues in current day America is the heavy toll that crime takes on black citizens.

    Blacks make up less that 15 percent of the population and commit over 50 percent of murders. They commit almost 40 percent of all violent crime, including robbery and aggravated assaults. In some cities the numbers are even more staggering.

    Most of the people affected by these crimes are other black people. Now it’s true, as has been noted before on this page, most crime among the various ethnic groups are committed by people within the group. In other words, whites commit crimes against other whites. Hispanics commit crimes against Hispanics etc. Asians may be the one group that this may not be the case.

    In any case those, though crimes within groups are committed by members within the group, no other group is as prolific committing crimes against their own as black people. It’s the same when it comes to cross ethnic crime. Blacks commit crimes against other groups more than the other way around.

    These are inconvenient truths, and it seems that no one wants to honestly address them because they go against the narrative that blacks are under siege in America.

    The only time that there seems to be any serious discussion about blacks and violence is when a police officer is caught up in a controversial incident with a black person, as happened in the George Floyd and Tyre Nichols cases.

    If it is a white cop, then the media hysteria goes to another level, although these incidents are not indicative of the norm.

    No one ever talks about the fact that blacks are also responsible for a large number of attacks on the police, and police officers are disproportionately killed by black men.

    Many of the areas with a large black population are infested by high crime, high drop out rates, young people unable to read and write at grade level, high rates of teenage pregnancy, drugs, and a large number of homes without fathers.

    In these environments, there is often a higher need for the police. With the increased police presence, there’ll be more interactions between them and the populace, with more interactions and the amount of problems that exist in these communities, there is more likely for things to go wrong.

    In many of the discussions about the tough issues facing black people, these factors are seldom discussed. The popular narrative is that the white man is the oppressor of the black man,and the black man is the victim of the white oppressor.

    This narrative has been generally accepted as true by a large number of blacks. A sad consequence of them blaming external causes for many of the problems that exist among large numbers of the black citizenry is that many blacks seldom think they have reasons to look internally for the cause, and find solutions to their own problems. If it’s whitey’s fault then it’s whitey who has to to self correct and fix the problems.

    If this is the case, there is hardly any room for self reflection, and as a result, the cycle of violence and other issues that have plagued our fellow citizens who are black continues.

    No one is saying that racism does not exist. It’s impossible to ever be rid of racism. It is a fact of life, the same way that other social ills like greed, jealously, lies, anger are facts of life. No one thinks that these things must completely disappear for any group of people to be successful. Yet the standard for racism is that it must completely be gone for black people to be successful.

    This is fool hardy, and an impossible standard to have. Yes racism exists, but the racism that does exist is not significant enough to stop black people from being successful as any other group.

    If they work hard on the issues that drive many of the problems they face, and apply the remedies to solve them, they could even surpass other groups. The success they achieve will directly be related to the work they put in to make their lives better.

    Why it is controversial to say this is puzzling. Actually it’s not so puzzling. There are people who benefit from them maintaining the status quo. Their business model is directly tied to the suffering of blacks, and portraying the white man as the main cause of their problems.

    It’s time to put the race hustlers, the pimps and the entire industry out of business.

    Let’s bankrupt the Jesse Jackson’s of the world, the Al Sharptons, the Michael Eric Dysons, Mark Lamont Hills and the whole cabal.

    Black people have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  • Blacks’ Knowledge Of Slavery

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    Do you think that the average black American knows that slavery was common practice all around the world just a few hundred years ago, and that today in many other parts of the world their is a very vibrant slave trade that is still in existence?

    Now to say that slavery was a common practice and that every people group was enslaved at some point or the other in history does not mean that it was not an evil institution?

    That is just to point out that this was the norm, plus there are some nuances in any honest discussion of slavery.

    To hear black Americans talk about slavery, one would think than the only people who were ever enslaved were black Americans, and whites were the only slave masters.

    Do they know that the first person to hold a life long slave in America was black? Do they know that some former black slaves even owned slaves themselves and that there were quite a few black slave owners in America during that time? Do they know that Native Americans owned slaves who they did not free until more than a decade after the emancipation proclamation?

    Don’t get it wrong. Slavery in America was one of the most brutal forms in the world, and even after the abolition of slavery; it was a long arduous road for black people to get to where we are today.

    Perspective is important though. Of course it is good to look back so that you can avoid the mistakes of the past, but it is much more important to live in the here and now, applying whatever lessons were learned, with the goal of forging a better future.

    All of this constant harping on the past to make people in the present who had nothing to do with slavery feel guilty is tiresome, especially considering that only a small number of present day white Americans have any ancestral connection to slavery.

    So in any discussion of slavery, may we have all of the facts please, including the fact that white people were not going into the interior of African nations and capturing black people to bring back to America.

    They simply showed up on the shores of African nations and Africans brought other captive Africans who they sold to the white man.

    In addition to all of this, during the time of slavery in America, Western Europe was the only place in the world that had no slaves at that time, even though some people from that part of the world had slaves in other parts of their colonies.

    It was Europeans though who introduced to the rest of the world the idea of freeing slaves en masse.

    First the French freed their slaves, then the British freed their slaves. Mexico had a black President and they freed their slaves, then Americans freed their slaves, and all of these nations outlawed the practice after that, leading to the attitudes about slavery today in Western civilization.

    These were mostly white nations that got the ball rolling on the abolition of slavery.

  • The Lying Media Industrial Complex

    Joy Reid: 

    the salient issue for Republicans is stopping students from learning black history, and from even discussing the existence of gay people. They’ve decided that the most important issue in the country, more than the economy more than anything else, it’s stopping kids from learning those two things.

    How do you take anything these people tell you?

    Observe that this is not an opinion about what she says. This is not an interpretation of a statement, and using it to say that somebody incited an insurrection or anything like that. This is not an exaggeration or a misstatement that anyone is can make.

    This is Nazi level lying. This is in your face. This is brazen lying that is designed to paint people is the worst possible color, and damage them.

    If you think this is as bad as it gets, you are mistaken. There is a lot more where that came from.

    They also told you that Trump was a Russian asset.

    Trump called Nazis fine people.

    Trump incited an insurrection.

    Funny thing is there are transcripts for both of these and exactly what Trump said is there for anyone to review.

    It does not matter. They nevertheless repeat it.

    They told you that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist (remember how they kept repeating the white supremacist mantra?) who was stirring up trouble the night he shot some people in self defense.

    Nick Sandman is a racist white supremacist who was antagonizing a peaceful, harmless Native American elder.

    Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russia disinformation.

    Border patrol officers on horseback were whipping Haitian immigrants.

    The list is endless. Again, none of this is opinion, no reading into what people said to come up with a conclusion. No mind reading here.

    This is all stuff that actually happened, brought to you via the left and the media industrial complex. 

    This is Nazi level lying, purposely so.

    Whenever they tell you don’t believe your lying eyes or your untruthful ears, you know that’s when you have to be even louder. Don’t let them gaslight you one bit.

  • What Life Looks Like In An Alternate Universe

    The President of the United States used color as the main criteria to choose someone to fill a vacant seat on the Supreme Court. He told us that he will not choose anyone but a black woman to fill the vacancy.

    When the woman he chose was asked if she knew the definition of a woman during her Senate hearing, she told us that she does not know because she is not a biologist. That woman received enough votes, and she now sits on the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

    A few days ago, another judge from another court ruled that men who call themselves women can compete against real women in powerlifting competitions.

    The left tells us that boys can become girls, girls can become boys, men can get pregnant, and men can also have periods.

    Oregon has a law that allows 15 year olds to so called transition from their sex to a make believe version of the opposite sex without the permission or knowledge of their parents.

    School teachers want to address children, and treat them as the children’s opposite sex, while these children are at school, encouraging them to identify as the opposite sex without the permission or knowledge of their parents.

    Teachers are exposing young children to graphic sex in schools, teaching them all kinds of none traditional values about sex, and they think that parents should not have any say on what schools teach their children about sex.

    The left thinks that introducing children to drag and drag queen shows is no big deal.

    A couple years ago legislators in New York stood up, cheered and celebrated as they passed a bill that allowed abortion all the way up to the third trimester of pregnancy and even up to the week of delivery.

    Ripping a fetus from the womb of a mother is described as women’s health care.

    The Left tells us that removing sexually explicit material from children’s access is book banning.

    Government officials champion and actively pursue the cause of censorship.

    They tell us that the free flow of information endangers democracy.

    Stealing up to $950 is no longer a felony in some cities run by liberals.

    No cash bail even for violent crimes is policy pursued by leftists in the name of equity.

    None of this is opinion.

    We are officially living in an alternate universe.


  • McArthy Agrees To Meet With Ashli Babbit’s Mother

    Kevin Mc Carthy agreed to meet with the mother of Ashli Babbit according to Babbitt’s mother.

    If this is true, thank you sir for showing some compassion and agreeing to meet with this woman who lost her daughter under such awful circumstances.

    We can all agree that Ashli Babbit was in the wrong for being there, but she never deserved to be executed in cold blood the way she was.

    No matter what these wicked demons tell you, we saw the video. We saw Ashli Babbit talking to the police in front of the doorway.

    We saw the police just casually walk away from their post while under no immediate threat, just a crowd of people who we all agree should not have been there trying to get into the area without violently forcing themselves.

    Then out of the blue, the police just casually, nonchalantly walked away from in front of the door. As Ms. Babbit jumped up to go through the space in the door where they broke the glass, we saw the hand just slip through the door and execute her.

    We saw it with our own eyes, and no amount of gaslighting will tell us that we did not.

    Unless someone has video from a different angle or something that contradicts what is plain for everyone to see in the video that is available, then we’ll believe our lying eyes.

    What is so telling about the response to Ashli Babbit’s execution, is that time and again we have seen these wicked brutes on the left come out in defense of all kinds of criminals killed by the police.

    Their go to argument is always “another unarmed black man killed by the police.” It does not matter the circumstances under which these men were killed or shot.

    The left then goes into riot and destruction mode, tearing up and destroying communities. Then they make excuses for the people who wreak havoc, but when the little unarmed white woman was executed in cold blood with video evidence, they tell us she deserved it.

    Not only that, but we have seen them time and again treat the families of unarmed black men killed by the police like heros.

    Oftentimes there is a lot of nuance that led up to the killings of these men. They often have a history of violence with criminal records, they were uncooperative or resisting arrest, they were being belligerent, they attacked the police.

    None of that ever matters. The only thing that does matter in those circumstances is that the person killed was black and unarmed. When the police really are at fault, everyone goes into overdrive demanding Justice.

    They have no such empathy for the family of Ashli Babbit though. She deserved to die they tell us. They justify their contempt and lack of empathy by trying to convince you that the little unarmed, five foot two, white woman was trying to overthrow the United States Government, after the Capitol police removed the barriers and invited the crowds in, then someone opened the doors of the building from the inside.

    If you doubt that the doors were opened up from the inside, then ask Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. She’ll tell you. She has openly questioned who opened up the doors from inside the Capitol.

    At least Mc Carthy is willing to meet with her. Thanks Kevin Mc Carthy for showing a little humanity and agreeing to meet with this woman who lost her daughter.

  • So It May Have Come From A Lab After All Huh?

    To the wicked demons on the left, here’s a question. Now that you’ve gotten people censored, cancelled, called people conspiracy theorists, and in many cases tarnished the reputations of many decent citizens, what do you have to say now that the department of energy, and the FBI has suggested that COVID-19 may have come from a lab in China?

    Everyone’s still trying to figure out for sure, there’s no consensus, but they are saying what many you called kooks were saying years ago because the evidence suggested it. Even the Department of Energy is now saying it looks like it came from a lab in China.

    So is it only now credible because the Government says it’s credible?

    Was Rand Paul wrong when he was presenting all of his data, and pressing Dr. Antony Fauci on it? “Senator you do not know what you are talking about,” claimed Fauci.

    The unthinking incurious left was just happy to play along, and the drones just repeated everything they were told. Like obedient sheep they just went along, pleased to insult anyone using the gray matter God gave them.

    Is the data that Senator Paul was presenting then, only now correct because the FBI now agrees?

    How do you feel now that you have sullied the names of so many people?

    Don’t bother answering that last question because we know the left never feels shame or remorse.

    What a wicked brood of snakes.

    Remember if you are a traditional liberal who makes sound arguments, and simply has a different point of view on the issues, this is not for you.

    This is for the virulent name callers, the insult flingers, and those who never formulate an argument to make their point.They are driven by their ideology and are incapable of conceding a single point when they are wrong. When they are proven wrong, time and time again, they just move on to the next case, like the drive by disrupters they are.

  • The President’s Black Only Event Hosted At The People’s House

    At the risk of sounding a bit redundant, let’s talk anti white hysteria again.

    We have to do it, because if we don’t it will become even more normalized and people will become numb to it.

    When did we as a nation go from rightly confronting discriminatory practices against black Americans to a position of hostility, and vengeful hatred against white people? When did it become fashionable say all manner of nastiness, and target white people with unfavorable actions for no other reason than the color of their skin?

    What is this madness we are seeing all over the country? This anti white hostility is even shockingly coming from an official level by the federal government, states, academic institutions, and big corporations all across the country.

    President Biden recently reportedly hosted an exclusive Black History month event at the White House for only black people.

    If this event did occur, then shame on every black person who knowingly participated in this racially exclusive event. Shame on them all. It is inexcusable.

    These Democrat politicians are a wicked brood of snakes. Double shame on the President of these United States for hosting an event that excluded people because of their skin color, and favored another group because of their skin color. Shame on them.

    This is the classic definition of racism.

    Not only are Democrats making official policy that treats people different based on skin color they are also pretending it’s a good thing.

    This is part of what makes the left so dangerous though. They have no shame. They think that their blatant, rancid

    racism makes them virtuous. They think that their racism is righteous.

    The federal government is not allowed to discriminate against people based on the color of their


    It is against the law!

    Why are we allowing these people to get away with this nonsense?

    People, we need to speak up about this and be a very loud collective voice against this unhinged ideology disguised as woke righteousness.

    The wokeratti is becoming more brazen with their aggressive anti white hysteria.

    This has to stop!

    Here are just a few more examples to remind people of the anti white hysteria that is now so rampant on the left and in the Democrat Party.

    Recall a while back the Mayor of Chicago’s decision to exclusively grant interviews only to reporters of color?

    Anyone remember when a Black Lives Matter activist boldly told reporters at one of their whine fests “white reporters to the back,” and the white reporters dutifully obeyed? The white reporters just put their heads down, their tails snug between their legs and they sheepishly went to the back.

    Back in 2017 when the singer Lido Piemienta told white audience members at the front to move to the back to make room for people of color, and one white woman, a photographer, refused to do it, guess who was reprimanded for the disruption that ensued.

    You got it. They blamed the white chick for refusing to go to the back of the room.

    Event organizers kicked out the white photographer, and apologized to the singer who engaged in the racist behavior. They accused the white woman who refused to go to the back, of being…wait for it…you got it, racist.

    It was not a one off incident. This was common practice for Pimienta, to tell white members of her audience to go to the back of the audience, and make room at the front for people of color.

    This is madness folks. We are heading down an extremely dangerous path if we keep this up, and there is no blowback against the people engaging in this behavior.

    Don’t forget, a psychiatrist invited to speak at Yale had this to say a couple years back: “I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step, like I did the world a favor.”

    That was not all she had to say. Go check out the horrible racist rhetoric this woman spewed at one of our most prestigious institutions of learning and you will recoil in absolute horror.

    In colleges all over the country the anti white antagonism is rampart.

    Another college professor who routinely spews white hatred rhetoric on social media once casually said “All self-identified white people (no exceptions) are invested in and collude with systemic white racism/white supremacy.” That was one of his milder comments.

    Some colleges even have separate dorms for black students, in the guise of this being some sort of safe space, or some other nonsense, for black students.

    Some of them even have separate graduations. It does not matter what the reasoning is. This is a major regression of the advancement people have fought so hard for over so many decades.

    Folks, this is not good. Find one place in the world where racist policies like these have led to a unified society. We have to put the brakes on this. It has already gone too far.

    Confront this cancer before it begins to metastasize. We will live to regret this as a notion if we do not. It is going to lead to a very dark place.

  • What Is The End Game For Democrats And The Left’s Incessant Racializing Of Everything

    How do Democrats and the left expect this constant anti white hatred and antagonism to end?

    This daily incessant bashing of a people for no other reason than their race is going to have really horrible consequences.

    It seems like we have gone beyond demanding equal treatment under the law for all people, to a vengeful turning of the table against people whose only crime is that their skin tone is a lighter shade, and matches the skin tone of people who did bad things in generations past.

    This has to stop!

    We continue to reflexively attribute every difficulty, every challenge, every misfortune, every bad thing that happens to black people, to race. Every bad interaction with “Karen” is treated like a national disaster, while this growing problem of anti white hatred is being promoted in the mainstream.

    When people try to draw attention to the blatant hostility that we witness everyday with our own eyes and ears, the concerns are casually dismissed. The anti white antagonism is even manifesting itself in instances of violence that goes largely unreported, but elites on the left say it is all happening in the imagination of a privileged people.

    Do we really think that white people are going to keep laying back as they continue to be castigated everyday in the mainstream of our society for the color of their skin.

    They are not in the same position that black people were in when it was legal and fashionable to treat blacks with contempt.

    These people have the tools to fight back right now. It seems they are sitting back hoping that this would go away and die a natural death, but the more we continue to accept this normalization of race hatred, the more awful the consequences are likely to be.

    Don’t think for one minute that the bad actors who belong to this group are not going to use the overt antagonism that is flung their way daily, to stir up the anger that many of them already have, and start creating problems. It’s not going to be pretty if we allow this to continue.

    People need to start speaking out with their megaphones, condemning this stuff.

    The admonition that we should treat each individual according to the content of their character is still as relevant today as when it was first so eloquently spoken by Dr. King.

    We are messing up a good thing here people.

    This is not going to end well.

  • Serious question: is the Democrat machine and the left trying to incite a race war?

    Why do they constantly appeal to race and demonize a group of people the way they do, by always attacking their race?

    When he was choosing a running mate for Vice President of the United States, candidate Joe Biden stated for every one to hear that his main criteria for a running mate was that the person be black and female. No one of another race would even be considered for the position. He did the same when the time came to replace a justice on the Supreme Court. He stated once again that he was looking for a person who is black and female. No person of any other race would even be considered.

    During the grandemic when the Government was offering aid to farmers, the President purposely excluded white farmers from the people who would receive aid, for no other reason than the color of their skin/hair texture.

    The state of New York initiated COVTRICK-20 policy that was race based, favoring black people, and defended their actions when they were called out on their race based policy.

    The laws of the Untied States are very clear. The Government cannot institute laws that are based on race, yet the Biden administration continues to double down on their race based agenda, insisting that it’s a good thing because their racism is committed against white people.

    The Biden administration like the Obama administration have insisted on race based disciplinary measures in schools, on the assumption that disparities in disciplinary actions among the races in schools can only be because of racism.

    They refuse to look at behavior patterns of the different groups. They see disciplinary quotas, not adjustment of behavior as the answer to disparities in disciplinary action, amongst all the groups.

    This administration plays the race card and reflexively blames white racism for every difficulty that black people face in America. They do nothing to encourage the sprit of togetherness amongst Americans, but constantly feed into racial tensions, insisting that white Americans are a nefarious group that is hell bent on inflicting harm on black people, and that white supremacy is the greatest threat to black people in America, and American security in general. It is the most sinister race baiting behavior we’ve seen from an administration in a long time.

    It does not matter what the issue is, the Biden administration says that white supremacy is the root of the problem. They just idly throw out the accusation.

    Anti white sentiment is now casually accepted as no big deal. Anti white hatred is now seen as a legitimate tactic in an overall strategy of creating as much racial discord as possible.

    If you want to be cool and receive accolades in America in 2023, one of the quickest and “best”ways to get them is to express antagonism towards white people. People will applaud you and call you brave if you do that.

    After years of watching America break down so many of the racial walls that divided citizens of different races, it is now heart breaking to see people so gleefully rebuild them. The left sees their racism as righteous because the walls they are building are constructed to shut out the “right” group of people.

    Here are some examples of the anti white sentiment that is now commonplace all across the country.

    There are infinitely more examples but there is not enough space on the pages of Facebook to include them all.

    In 2021 Florida State University introduced a course called The History of Karen. Here is some insight to what the course was about.

    “The activation of white terror is a white woman’s soft power. We like to masculinize white supremacy, to presume it reeks of testosterone, when in fact, it is just as likely to be spritzed by perfume.”

    The Problem Of Whiteness is another course that was introduced at well known North Western College a few years ago, while there were other discussions about “Deconstructing Whiteness,” in which students could also engage.

    These are not one off instances. This is interwoven in the fabric of leftist thought, and college campuses all across the country. In fact just type in the phrase the problem of whiteness into a Google search and see what comes up when you do.

    Back in 2017, Aberdeen College students called for a day of no white people and created a firestorm because one professor who happened to be white refused to play along with the overt racist action. It was wild and created quite the stir, but not to be deterred, they were back at it the following year.

    Remember some years ago when Salon ran the headline White men must be stopped: the very future of mankind depends on it?

    Back in 2017 when the Democrat Party was looking to hire some IT personnel, one of the leaders sent out an email stating “I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, since they’re already in the majority.”

    The anti white sentiment knows no bounds. One professor wrote an article in The New York Times stating that he will teach his sons that they cannot be friends with white people. In his world view that he gets to promulgate on the pages of the New York Times white people jus can’t be trusted.

    Last year a church in Chicago boldly proclaimed that for lent they were fasting from whiteness.

    If you want to test this further, go onto Tik Tok and you will not have to look too hard to find score upon scores of video of people just thrashing white men, and adding to the atmosphere of hate against this group of human beings.

    A common theme in all of this is that when confronted about this blatant overt racism, many of the players simply double down, or only after really intense pressure do they pull back on their bigoted statements.

    From time to time they may face consequences, but they most often do not, and their lives are not generally destroyed. Often an apology, or an explanation that their comments were taken out of context is all it takes for them to receive forgiveness.

    People have to speak out against this ugly, in your face, nasty race based bigotry. The left must be made to feel ashamed of their rotten behavior and modify it. People have to spread the message and make cool again the idea that we should judge others by the content of their character.

    This has to stop. People have to speak out against this ugly, in your face, nasty race based bigotry. The left must be made to feel ashamed of their rotten behavior and modify it.

    People have to spread the message and make cool again, the idea that we should judge others by the content of their character and not the color of their skin.

    If we don’t do that, this is not going to end well.

    Please share, like. Facebook limits the reach of our page and what we post.

  • The Killing Of Tyre Nichols And The Anti Police Left

    Here is a unique idea. Get ready now. This is revolutionary. How about blaming and prosecuting the 5 policemen who killed Tyre Nichols for his death, and taking a deeper look to see if there are any issues within the Memphis Police department that contributed to the attitude displayed by the police officers who took his life. Why not look into the SCORPION unit to which they belong to see if there is a culture there that fosters the kind of aggression we saw displayed by these men against a man who was no physical threat to them. Maybe there is a bigger question of leadership across the memphis police force that ultimately led to the kind of behavior that we saw in the video that showed the brutality they inflicted on Nichols.

     Perhaps it is a question of their hiring practices. Do they really have a good vetting process in place for those they allow into the force? Have they lowered the standards for who they allow into the service in order to accommodate diversity demands?  Is it a matter of training? 

    No sooner had the screams of Tyre Nichols gone unanswered, and his life snuffed out than the leftist agitators came out doing everything in their power to create an atmosphere of fear, distrust, race hatred, division, and chaos. 

    It’s not enough for them that we have to deal with the fact a man died under these really terrible circumstances. No, they also have to agitate and stir the atmosphere with anti police sentiment, anti white hysteria, and anti American propaganda. 

    Now to be clear, what happened to the young man who died at the hands of these despicable police officers is horrible beyond what any word can convey. It is awful beyond belief. You cannot look at the video of the police brutalizing that man and not be horrified by their actions. It’s not just that they brutalized him, but there seemed to be an abject lack of humanity in the way they so callously beat up on him. He was nothing to them. He might as well have been a hog on the slaughter block. 

    It was heart wrenching to see. From reports in the media, Nichols lived a short distance away from where he was killed, so maybe he was hoping to escape from their clutches and get to the safety of home when he first ran away from them. He did not make it home. It was literally a case of so close and yet so far. Hearing him call out “mom, mom” was heartbreaking.

     What these police officers did to that young man is inexcusable to say the least. At one point in the video of them beating up on him, you see them raise his limp, decrepit body off the ground, and hold him up so that they could continue inflicting bodily harm on him. The violence on display in the video is very graphic, extreme, and gratuitous. 

    It was incredible to watch the raw hostility they exhibited toward this man from the get go. They were in an absolute rage from the onset when they dragged him out of the car, and they exercised not one ounce of their de-escalation tactics in the situation. They started with their aggression level at a ten and kept taking it up a notch with each passing moment. The unmitigated hostility toward Nichols was kind of surreal to watch.

    Another thing that stood out is despite wearing the cameras that would capture every moment of their confrontation bearing witness against their hostility and actions; they persisted nevertheless. They did not give a darn that their actions were being recorded, and they continued to beat Nichols to a pulp. Why would they behave this way? Did they believe they were untouchable or that their behavior would be condoned? The fact that they would behave this way suggests that that there is something deeper at play that demands answers.

    Police work is not for the faint hearted. It can be dangerous, and intense. They function in a dark seedy world that many of us can never imagine how truly dark it is. Violence perversion, a total disregard for human welfare, and human life are a natural byproduct of this world. This is the world in which the police operate everyday. On the other hand, not every encounter involves dealing with the darkest elements of this world, so there is a precarious balance that the police must learn to maneuver. There is nothing to justify the way these police officers treated Tyre Nichols on the night he was killed.

     We can all unequivocally say without reservation that there is no place in a civil society for the behavior these policemen displayed. The truth is that these actions on their own are enough to engender feelings of distrust in the police from the public, but to witness the usual suspects in the media use the occasion to continue pushing their anti police agenda however, is real troublesome. Watching them turn the issue into one of “white supremacy” is even more disturbing. 

    We have the right as citizens to demand that the police conduct themselves in a more humane manner. We should speak out in a loud clear manner that this kind of behavior cannot be allowed to happen anywhere. It is reprehensible. It is intolerable. Despite the pressure of having to function in the degenerate world in which they do, the police must be men and women of character who conduct themselves with honor.

    We could say and agree to all of that without letting the race pimps, the ethnic hustlers, the fear mongers and the anti America crowd take control of the narrative with their anti police, anti America propaganda.