• Call It What It Is, The Left Is Evil

    These people got up and applauded loudly on the floor of the state legislature a couple of years ago because they passed a bill that approved women getting abortions up to the week of delivery.

    Thy shamelessly push the transgender issue on children as young as five years old.

    They insist on promoting a racist ideology in schools that projects one group of Americans as perpetual victims, and another as oppressors, based on nothing but race.

    Think about that!

    Look at what they are doing on the border.

    Look at their cities with homelessness.

    Look at what they are doing with the rotating door of criminals who they insist on letting out on the streets in the name of “fairness.”

    These evil people actually have policies that say it is a misdemeanor to shoplift up to $900 dollars.

    They are actively targeting their political opponents in a way that is reserved for countries for Venezuela and Cuba.

    The assault on norms are continuing at a breakneck speed without any sense of shame.

    In the midst of all of this they point their fingers at everyone else based on how they feel, while their actions are right in our faces.

    So what now? Americans need to look at what those in power do…what they do… what they do…and hold them accountable. Stop being so emotional and make decisions based on what is actually happening on the ground…not how you feel about someone.

    Sorry, there is no other way to say it. These are evil people.The shutting out of information that is now championed by the Democrat party and being diligently enforced by all of their allies on the left can only be described as evil. These are evil people.

    Do not take the use of the word evil as hyperbole please. Evil has a specific definition, and what the left is doing is pure evil.

    Social media is actively blocking medical information that could be useful in fighting disease and quite literally save millions of lives. They are blocking this information because it does not match their ideology.

    Think about that for a minute. Let that marinate in your head. Any information that does not match what the left has determined is worthwhile because of their ideology is actively being quashed, whether or not the information has any value. Not only that, they are punishing people who dare to put out information for the benefit of the people.

    Folks, dress this up however you want to do it. Go ahead! You can even put a bow on it. This is pure unadulterated evil. In addition think of all the people whose careers, lively hood, and reputation they have destroyed over the last two years, only to suddenly drop their tyrannical measures, and in some instances even admit what people have been saying all along on many of the contentious issues we have been discussing for the last two years.

    These are genuinely evil people, not because we do not agree with them, but because of what they do and the things they champion.

    These people got up and applauded loudly on the floor of the state legislature a couple of years ago because they passed a bill that approved women getting abortions up to the week of delivery.

    Thy shamelessly push the transgender issue on children as young as five years old.

    They insist on promoting a racist ideology in schools that projects one group of Americans as perpetual victims, and another as oppressors, based on nothing but race.

    Think about that!

    Look at what they are doing on the border.

    Look at their cities with homelessness.

    Look at what they are doing with the rotating door of criminals who they insist on letting out on the streets in the name of “fairness.”

    These evil people actually have policies that say it is a misdemeanor to shoplift up to $900 dollars.

    They are actively targeting their political opponents in a way that is reserved for countries for Venezuela and Cuba.

    The assault on norms are continuing at a breakneck speed without any sense of shame.

    In the midst of all of this they point their fingers at everyone else based on how they feel, while their actions are right in our faces.

    So what now? Americans need to look at what those in power do…what they do… what they do…and hold them accountable. Stop being so emotional and make decisions based on what is actually happening on the ground…not how you feel about someone.

    Sorry, there is no other way to say it. These people are evil.

  • Bill Cosby’s “Real” Mistake

    The saga of Bill Cosby gives a good look into the psyche of white left wing America, the black bourgeoisie, and the Democrat machine, in terms of how they view black people. They all see blacks as their pet projects. They love to infantilize black people and hold them to a different standard than they hold other Americans. Nothing is ever the fault of a black person whenever something goes bad in that black person’s life as far as these people are concerned. It is always blamed on some other. The black bourgeoisie and their white enablers view everything through race colored lenses. Nothing ever happens for any other reason besides race. There are no negative consequences to living simply because life can sometimes be difficult.

    The black bourgeoisie is always there to agitate. Their white left wing counterparts are always their to present themselves as heros saving the poor black man who just cant catch a break unless lefty whitey gives him a break. In this twisted world, black people are never encouraged to look inside to see where they may need to make changes. Why bother to do that? Nothing is ever their fault right? Blacks are always encouraged to look without. For instance, if there is a disproportionate number of black people in jail, it is not even an after thought for this collective group of elites that perhaps it is so because blacks commit disproportionately more crime than others. No sir. It is the white man’s fault. The system is to blame. 

    In that scenario there is never need for self reflection and where there is no self reflection there is no personal accountability. The white leftist enablers and the black agitator class love it that way. They get to continue perpetrating the ruse that blacks are helpless victims who just can’t catch a break. And the cycle continues! The black bourgeoisie agitates on behalf of their pet project, refusing to hold anyone in black America to account. They stir up the black masses and then, right on cue, whitey comes swooping down to perform the rescue act. 

    The black elite get to feel like powerful movers and shakers. They enrich their pockets in the process, and the white lefty enablers get to pat themselves on their shoulders, feel superior and ride a wave of political momentum gained through their “advocacy.” It is a nice arrangement between all of the parties. 

    There is a very important catch to all of this though. The black masses must, under all circumstances, maintain their victim status. They have to walk within the parameters set for them by their white masters and black victim drivers. As long as they do that, everything is going to be fine and dandy on the plantation. Step out of line though…and ooooh boy. Step out of line and they will do everything in their power to destroy any black person seeking the advantages of a free mind. 

    Look at the way they treat black conservatives if you doubt this. We’ve seen it over, and over, and over again, whether they are unleashing their fury on Clarence Thomas, trying to keep him off the Supreme Court, Ben Carson for describing slaves as types of immigrants like Barrack Obama often did or Senator Time Scott just for being his own man. They come hard. 

    Bill Cosby found out the hard way that you must never step out of line as a black man especially if you have skeletons in your closet. For years it was an open secret in Hollywood that Bill Cosby was a notorious philanderer, and practiced some suspicious behavior with women. As long as Bill Cosby did not get beside himself, get a little to big for his britches, a lil to uppity, and see himself as more than the black bourgeoisie, their white enablers and the Democrat machine said he was, it was all good. Bill Cosby did not have permission to step out of line, and he found out the hard way when his world came crashing down all around him. 

    It is quite telling that for all of his years in Hollywood with his notorious reputation, Cosby was loved, cherished, and got to parade himself as the squeaky clean TV character he had portrayed on his hit show. Until he stepped out of line…

    One day Bill Cosby did the unthinkable. He called on a certain segment of young black men to behave themselves, and act like they have a little sense. All hell broke loose. It brought an end to the image of the man we all came to know and love. There was outrage. There was backlash. There was pearl clutching. There was disbelief. How dare he! Does he think he can…can…can think for himself?

    It was in response to this temerity by Bill Cosby that the black bourgeoisie decided to take him out. It was after a young black comedian made Cosby the highlight of one of his routines that Bill Cosby finally got a little bit of attention focused on his philandering ways. Who was he to talk about black men when everyone knows x about him? It snow balled from there and today when we think of Bill Cosby we no longer automatically think of Cliff Huxtable, Fat Albert, Uptown Saturday Night, or his first The Bill Cosby Show. Today when you think of Bill Cosby, his name is synonymous with philandering, Quaaludes, and possibly sexual assault. What is the lesson? Well it’s simple. Know your place black man. Stay in your lane.

  • When They Accuse You, Examine Them

    Ladies and gentlemen, never ever doubt it. Whatever the left accuses you of, if you are conservative, make no mistake they are guilty of doing it. Their aim in always accusing others is  to divert attention from their own underhandedness. The left is truly evil, and it is very frustrating that people do no realize how destructive their ideology really is. 

    Ok, I hear you. It is not only the left that is evil. The right is just as evil. Stop talking like it is only the left. Blah…blah…blah! No one disagrees that the there is evil on the right also, but here is the difference. The right does not encourage the mischief makers in their movement. The media never tolerates mischief makers on the right. Hollywood does not tolerate mischief makers on the right. Social media does not tolerate mischief makers on the right. The leftist corporatocray does not tolerate misbehavior on the rightIn other words, when people on the right step out of line, a barrage of condemnation usually ensues from a 360 degree angle. Perpetrators usually have to do the walk of shame, and spend the rest of their lives doing pennance. They have more reason to not step out of line. 

    If it is a really vile act that some imbicile on the right commits, pressure is put on prominent people to renounce the person or the action. Chuck Todd will be in your face on his Sunday show asking you about the tone coming from the right. You could almost hear the bag of wind right now. Senator are you prepared to denounce this kind of rhetoric coming from those in your party? Would you look into the camera right now and say that you do not support this?” We see it over and over again. 

    We see it every four years with the David Duke game. Even after 26 years since moving to America, the David Duke game never ceases to amaze. He is like a rabbit that the left pulls out of a hat. Then they frame the news cycle to include David Duke. Somewhere along the line, the media has to get a David Duke link to the Republican Party or some conservative. It does not matter that David Duke is personna non grata in the Republican Party, and the conservative movement. It does not matter that after David Duke left the Democrat Party, and ran as a Republican candidate back in 1987 that the Republican Party did not support his candidacy. It does not matter that the Republican party supported the Democrat Party candidate for the seat that Duke ran to fill, that he got no support whatsoever from them, and the Democrat candidate won. 

    The Dylan Roof story is another example. Anyone remember the reaction to Roof after he committed that horrific act at the church in South Carolina? There was no end to the talk of him being a right winger. Everyone denounced Roof, as they should have done. All the left needed was to find some way to affiliate him with the right, and they were off to the races. If you are on the right, you have to be circumspect. On the other hand, the left celebrates their recalcitrants. They refuse to give coverage to anything that defies their narrative. They will give national attention to a “Karen” questioning a strange black man who she has never seen before, and attempting to enter her building. On the other hand, they will be silent on numerous videos of black men randomly punching old white ladies, old Jewish men, or white women on a train in the head. Their intolerance is good intolerance. Their violence is righteous violence. Their racism is to be applauded. They consider themselves to be edgy the further down into truculence they descend. And no one calls them out. Chuck Todd never has questions for them. 

    Never forget 2020! These people wreaked havoc on the nation for well over six months of daily thuggery on American streets, based on a lie that the police killed a black man for no other reason than his race. They terrorized neighborhoods. They seized city blocks. The burnt police cars. They attempted to burnd down federal buildings night after night, after night, and they even burnt down a police precint. They attacked the police, and left a trail of murder and mayhem in their wake. The way that Democrats and their allies on the left responded, one would swear that these hooligans were freedom fighters in the American revolution. 

    They were not satisfied though. They upped the ante and turned on the white male with blatant acts of racism, culminating in the unabashed and unrelenting push of critical race theory. Even when people discovered what they were up to with CRT they never backed off with their open racism. 

    It has always been this way. They think that their ideology gives them a liscense to do anything. Nothing is off limits. 

    Remember when that Bernie supporter opened fire on Republican Congressmen a few years ago? The media, Hollywood, academia et al had nothing to say about his Bernie Sanders connection. The code of silence went into full effetct. After the incident, Joy Reid even asked if Congressman Scalise who was shot during the incident did not kind of bring it on himself. These people are vile beyond belief.  

    Right after the Dylan Roof incident, a black man ran through a Los Angeles street targeting white men, shouting allahu akbar and killed three people in the process, but that was never given the kind of coverage that we see whenever these incidents involve someone on the right. This is their pattern. How about the Kosher grocery killing in New Jersey in 2019? How about the Kenosha Killings last December? 

    This is what makes the left such a danger. Whether it is celebrating mass murderers like Che Guevarra, Fidel Castro or American terrorists like Lopez Rivera. The left is shameless. They are proud, but worst of all; they see themselves as virtuous because of their heinous actions.

    This makes them very dangerous. Why do so many not see it?

  • Some Thoughts On Ukraine

    What lessons are there to learn and apply from the lesson that Russia is teaching the world? Well one of the lessons is that appeasement, pacificity, and hoping for the best does not work. As long as evil exists in the world there will be people who no one will ever be able to appease. It is part the folly of pacifists to believe that as long as people and countries show their enemies they mean them no harm, and they are nice to them, then evil will have no reason to rear it’s ugly head.

     There are people who believe that if America was to lay down it’s arms, and get rid of, or reduce it’s nuclear arsenal, that will reduce the threat of war. This is naivety of the highest order. It goes without saying that the world would be better off without weapons of any kind, but the reality is that we live in a flawed, sinful world. The strong and the powerful will always seek to conquer the less powerful and the weak. Even if there were no arms people would still find ways to kill each other. If by some strange measure all of the arms in the world would disappear tonight, people would start seeking ways to develop them by the next morning.  

    Nations like the current day European countries, and the United States that do not wantonly use their superior military might to conquer other nations and rule them is rare. There was a time when conquest was the way of the world, and nations did whatever they wanted to do to build empires.  The people with the most might have always done whatever they wanted to do. 

    When Europeans introduced the horse to Native Americans it changed the balance of power among the Indian tribes. The Commanche became skilled horsemen and they used their new found prowess to wage wars of conquest against other tribes. They became an unstoppable military force and conquered territory that covered large swaths of land in the process, building themselves an empire before they themselves were conquered. 

    We know about the brutal military expeditions of Genghis Khan. He used his military might to build one of the largest the Military Empires the world had ever seen, even surpassing the Roman Empire in some ways. For over four hundred years, Moslem conquerors swept across the Middle East, North Africa and Southern Europe. The Europeans gave us people like Pizzaro, Cortes, Hitler, Mussolini  and others. The point is that all of world history is filled with stories of brutal conquerors, from the Egyptian Empire, the Assyrian Empire, the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks all the way up to modern times. Bullies flex their muscles whenever they sense weakness.

    Over the last 80 years or so the major powers have served as a check on each other. Neither of them wanted to fire the first shot of what would most likely lead to the biggest conflict and loss of human life the world has ever seen. With the break up of the Soviet Union, Russia had lost a lot of it’s former prestige and status in the world. Since the rise of Vladimir Putin, he has nurtured dreams of reestablishing Russia to the days of its former glory. Soft targets like Georgia and Ukraine seemed like good places to target in the effort to restore the Soviet Empire. 

    Ukraine is one of the countries that possessed a large number of nuclear weapons when the Soviet Empire crumbled in the early nineties. In a show of goodwill they turned over all of the nuclear weapons to Russia in a U.S./United Nations brokered agreement between Russia, Ukraine, Britain and the U.S. At the time Ukraine may have felt for several reasons that they were doing the right thing, especially when they got guarantees from Russian that Russia will respect Ukraine’s sovreignty and borders. 

    In addition, the United States and other signatories gave Ukraine some security guarantees that reassured them they have nothing about which to worry. While some former Soviet territories aligned themselves with Russia after giving up their weapons. Ukraine looked to partner with the E.U. and the United States. Russia has complained that NATO’s eastward expansion was at least a violation of a common understanding between the nations former Soviet bloc countries would not join NATO. 

    With the Rise of Putin and his imperialist goals, NATO’s continued expansion goals and some other factors, Putin felt he needed to make a move. From what has transpired so far and the response to Putin’s move, it is evident that all of the other efforts to appease Mr. Putin over the years, despite his protests over NATO, have proved to be worthless. Another thing that is evident in hindsight is that Ukraine outsourcing it’s security to outside forces when they gave up their nuclear weapons, and assumed a posture of wishful thinking toward Russia, proved to be a huge mistake.

  • Mad King Trudeau And The Crazy Left

    Reflecting on Prime Minister Trudeau’s act of tyranny a couple of weeks ago, some words of C. S. Lewis come to mind.

    He said: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven, yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.”

     Don’t think that this was a misstep by Trudeau. It is what he intended to do. His heart was fully into it. When asked a few years ago which nation he admired. This is what he said “There is a level of admiration I actually have for China because their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say we need to go green, we need to start, you know, investing in solar.” He was not done.  “There is a flexibility that I know [Prime Minister] Stephen Harper must dream about: having a dictatorship where you can do whatever you wanted, that I find quite interesting.” 

    Ladies and gentlemen, words that only a liberal can speak and get away with saying them. After uttering those words the people of Canada said yes, we want that guy.

    Trudeau is not alone in what the left is willing to do when they get their hands on power. We saw glimpses of it on this side of the nothern border also. Just peer into any Democrat state over the last few years and see the extremes they were willing to go to in the name of protecting their citizens from DIVOC-91. The saying goes that when people tell you who they are, believe them. Over the last two years, the left told us in certain terms who they are, culminating in the actions of Justing Trudeau’s crackdown on his citizens, Tianamen Square style.We never taught that we would see the kind of action that Trudeau took in this part of the world against his citizens who simply wanted their lives back. 

    True the truckers may have taken their actions a little further than they should have, but the heavy handed, dictatorial, police state approach that Trudeau took to quell the truckers protest was truly shocking. What is even more shocking is the ease with which he implemented his Maduro like tactics. He was not bothered in the least. He was proud of his actions and had an air of arrogant satisfaction over what he did to his citizens. 

    Trudeau should serve as a reminder to Americans why they must never weary keeping an eye on thsoe who find themselves in positions of power, especially those on the lft. The left has a special affinity for Government control and exercising lordship over those they consider their subjects. 

    Remember that everything they accuse their opponents of, they are guilty of doing. While they love calling their opponents dictators, it was almost exclusively leftist Governors, Mayors, etc who supported and implemented all kinds of draconian measurrs in the name of safety. They also demonstrated that they were willing to use the heavy hand of Government against their citizens to enforce those measures. 

    While they refused to open schools, many of them were sending their own children to private schools. As they partied away, and danced maskless all over the country, and as they vacationed in states where there were no mandates, they insisted that the citizens of their states follow the rules or pay the consequences. While they talk about voting rights they were willing to bypass many of the voting laws in their own states, using DIVOC-91 as an excuse. 

    After putting their citizens through the wringer with the stupid, non-scientific DIVOC-91 restrictions, they have stuck their wet spit fingers in the air to feel the direction the politial winds are blowing.  Now all of a sudden they are dropping many of their ridiculous DIVOC-91 mandates. These are dangerous people. Make no mistake. Now that they have seen what they can get away with in the name of safety and security; this is not the last that we have seen of them. 

    Power once gained is seldom relinquished. We have the entire history of the left to see what they are capable of doing. Once again they have told us. They have shown us who they are, and we’d better be prepared for the next time they come wielding at us the power they have gained.

  • Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee

    So President Biden has made his choice of who will replace Justice Breyer on the supreme Court. True to his promise, he picked a black woman. Every Justice eligible to sit on the Supreme Court who is not black should sue President Biden. Don’t get it wrong. There is not a thing wrong in picking a black woman to sit on the court, plus; President Biden has the right to choose whoever he wants to sit on the Court. He does not get to make that choice based on race though. 

    Joe Biden’s decision to put a black woman on the Supreme Court without considering the wide range of personnel qualified to do the job is the classical definition of racism. So once again, we have Democrats treating black people like their special pet projects. In the minds of Democrats, black people do not have what it takes to compete with the best so therefore blacks require special treatment. Blacks are not good enough to make it on their own. 

    No doubt there are black women who qualify to fill the soon to be vacant position on the court, but they should be considered with all of the other candidates who are eligible to fill this position and should not be given special treatment. When there is such a wide range of candidates who can fill the position, but the President of the United States decided to disqualify a large percemtage of these qualified personnel based on nothing but their race. 

    That is the dictionary definition of racism. It does not become a virtue simply because the prejudice is directed toward white people. In addition, disqualifying another group of people based on their gender is the classic definition of sexism. It does not become a thing of virtue because the group that the President has decided to exclude is male. The position of Supreme Court Justice is a position that exists in the Federal Government, and Federal Law makes it illegal to exclude people from hire based on race. It is against the law.

    People should object to this constant appeal to identity politics that the Democrat Party insists on doing, no matter how far the country has come. This is 2022. The past is past. There is nothing that we can do about it. In today’s America, people should be allowed to succeed or fail based on their own merit, and not given an extra push simply because of their race or Gender. Simply assuming that race is the reason disproportionate representation in any area of American life exists should be rejected if there is no evidence to back up the accusations. If there is evidence that a particular individual is being denied the opportunity to serve on the highest Court in the land because of race, then that is unacceptable. Whoever has the evidence that race is the reason an American citizen is not being treated fairly, with dignity and respect, should present that evidence and demand that it stop. Americans of all stripes and color should be outraged and do what is in their power to fight discrimination whereever it exists. 

    Having said that, the racial or gender make up of the Supreme Court should not matter. What should matter more than anything, are the qualifications of those who will be dispensing the justice on the court.

     There should be a set criteria to fill the position of Supreme Justice of the United States. Color or gender should never be one of the criteria. If the people who qualify to fill all nine positions are black women, then so be it. If it is an eclectic mix of qualified people who represent the different races that too is good. 

    The main issue is the qualifications of the personnel filling the positions, that’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

  • The Scam That Is Black Lives Matter

    Black Lives Matter is scam. Don’t forget it. The movement consists of a bunch of thugs pretending to represent black America. These people waged a mini Jihad on American cities two years ago for endless months, wreaked billions of dollars in damages to business, terrorized neighborhoods, took over city blocks, burned down police precincts, set police cars ablaze, tried to burn down federal buildings night after night, and left a trail of violence, mayhem, and murder.

    All of this was based on the false premise that George Floyd was killed because he was a black man, Jacob Blake was shot by police who hate cops and Breonna Taylor was executed by the popo. All lies!

    A bunch of thugs is what they are and no one should be afraid to call them out for it.

    To a large extent many of the people who inflicted the destruction that they committed were led along by a bunch of white virtue signaling, guilt ridden caucasians, who see black people as their pet projects.

    They insist on portraying black people as weak, helpless victims who need these white saviors to lead them like the pied piper. So many of the black people who claim to represent the interests of black people just simply say yes sir, and they dance to the music following the pied piper straight over the cliff.

  • The New Civil Rights Frontier

    NFL ownership: the new civil rights frontier.

    Join the fight, or it’s back to the 1950s.

    If there is no NFL owner in the next two weeks there is no telling what the fate of black people in America will be.

    If ever you wanted to make a difference, join the million man march to the NFL quarters in New York City NY.

    For more information go to:




    Join the fight.

    Let your voice be heard and be an agent of change.

  • Take Back Your Apology Joe Rogan

    Joe Roga owes no one any apology for saying the word ni….. Context matters. When did this become the only word in the world that people are not allowed to say? Are you telling me that if a white person says you should never call anyone a ni…., or describes an incident where the word ni….. was used that person is a racist?

    So let’s get this straight. You can use the:

    MF words

    The Cu word

    The bit word

    The tw word

    The Jesus f… Christ words

    The BA Who… words

    The cra… word

    You can use all of those words at people, with the purpose of offending and insulting people, to cause hurt and be hateful.

    You can do that, but the one word…the one word…the one word in the entire word that is forbidden; it is anathema, you simply are not allowed to let it proceed from your lips regardless of the context of the word ni…

    Get outta hear.

    The only people allowed to use the word is black people using it against one another or as a so called term of endearment when they put an a at the end of the word.

    White lefty actors like Leonardo Di Caprio in Django who can use the excuse of “art” are also allowed to use it.

    This is what I mean when I say white lefties refuse to treat blacks as equals. They insist on treating blacks like weak babies who do not have any fortitude. Blacks always need some white crowd to take up their fight and protect them. It is the job of white leftists to save weak black people from words. We just can’t handle it. We are their pet project.

    This is how they see us.

    Rohan’s mistake is that he apologized.

    Do not ever surrender to the mob.

  • Who Cares If There Are No Black NFL Owners?

    So what if there are no black NFL owners? We’ve had a black President, a black Vice President, black Senators, black Congress people, black 4 star generals.

    We have Oprah Winfrey, Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Michael Jordan, Rob Johnson, Quincy Jones etc.

    When did owning an NFL team become the barometer to determine that we are really doing well?

    Everyone keeps talking about how the NFL is 70 plus % black but so few black coaches and owners.

    Well 60 percent of the nation is white. Using the same standard to complain about blacks, should white people be complaining that there are so few white people in the NFL, NBA, MLB etc.

    Instead of being grateful for the opportunities that do exist for black athletes, NFL ownership has become the new frontier for black people to whine like a bunch of banie, and to play the victim.

    Stop it, stop it, just stop it. It makes black people look weak.

    Just keep on doing the work until we get black NFL owners. Stop with this nonesense. It is ridiculous.

    The NFL, instead of vigorously defending their organization will instead pander to the mob. It’s sickening.

    People really need to stop. Stop flippantly calling people racist and sullying people’s names with nothing to back up their claims except “disproportionate numbers.”

    It really needs to stop.