So It May Have Come From A Lab After All Huh?

To the wicked demons on the left, here’s a question. Now that you’ve gotten people censored, cancelled, called people conspiracy theorists, and in many cases tarnished the reputations of many decent citizens, what do you have to say now that the department of energy, and the FBI has suggested that COVID-19 may have come from a lab in China?

Everyone’s still trying to figure out for sure, there’s no consensus, but they are saying what many you called kooks were saying years ago because the evidence suggested it. Even the Department of Energy is now saying it looks like it came from a lab in China.

So is it only now credible because the Government says it’s credible?

Was Rand Paul wrong when he was presenting all of his data, and pressing Dr. Antony Fauci on it? “Senator you do not know what you are talking about,” claimed Fauci.

The unthinking incurious left was just happy to play along, and the drones just repeated everything they were told. Like obedient sheep they just went along, pleased to insult anyone using the gray matter God gave them.

Is the data that Senator Paul was presenting then, only now correct because the FBI now agrees?

How do you feel now that you have sullied the names of so many people?

Don’t bother answering that last question because we know the left never feels shame or remorse.

What a wicked brood of snakes.

Remember if you are a traditional liberal who makes sound arguments, and simply has a different point of view on the issues, this is not for you.

This is for the virulent name callers, the insult flingers, and those who never formulate an argument to make their point.They are driven by their ideology and are incapable of conceding a single point when they are wrong. When they are proven wrong, time and time again, they just move on to the next case, like the drive by disrupters they are.

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