McArthy Agrees To Meet With Ashli Babbit’s Mother

Kevin Mc Carthy agreed to meet with the mother of Ashli Babbit according to Babbitt’s mother.

If this is true, thank you sir for showing some compassion and agreeing to meet with this woman who lost her daughter under such awful circumstances.

We can all agree that Ashli Babbit was in the wrong for being there, but she never deserved to be executed in cold blood the way she was.

No matter what these wicked demons tell you, we saw the video. We saw Ashli Babbit talking to the police in front of the doorway.

We saw the police just casually walk away from their post while under no immediate threat, just a crowd of people who we all agree should not have been there trying to get into the area without violently forcing themselves.

Then out of the blue, the police just casually, nonchalantly walked away from in front of the door. As Ms. Babbit jumped up to go through the space in the door where they broke the glass, we saw the hand just slip through the door and execute her.

We saw it with our own eyes, and no amount of gaslighting will tell us that we did not.

Unless someone has video from a different angle or something that contradicts what is plain for everyone to see in the video that is available, then we’ll believe our lying eyes.

What is so telling about the response to Ashli Babbit’s execution, is that time and again we have seen these wicked brutes on the left come out in defense of all kinds of criminals killed by the police.

Their go to argument is always “another unarmed black man killed by the police.” It does not matter the circumstances under which these men were killed or shot.

The left then goes into riot and destruction mode, tearing up and destroying communities. Then they make excuses for the people who wreak havoc, but when the little unarmed white woman was executed in cold blood with video evidence, they tell us she deserved it.

Not only that, but we have seen them time and again treat the families of unarmed black men killed by the police like heros.

Oftentimes there is a lot of nuance that led up to the killings of these men. They often have a history of violence with criminal records, they were uncooperative or resisting arrest, they were being belligerent, they attacked the police.

None of that ever matters. The only thing that does matter in those circumstances is that the person killed was black and unarmed. When the police really are at fault, everyone goes into overdrive demanding Justice.

They have no such empathy for the family of Ashli Babbit though. She deserved to die they tell us. They justify their contempt and lack of empathy by trying to convince you that the little unarmed, five foot two, white woman was trying to overthrow the United States Government, after the Capitol police removed the barriers and invited the crowds in, then someone opened the doors of the building from the inside.

If you doubt that the doors were opened up from the inside, then ask Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. She’ll tell you. She has openly questioned who opened up the doors from inside the Capitol.

At least Mc Carthy is willing to meet with her. Thanks Kevin Mc Carthy for showing a little humanity and agreeing to meet with this woman who lost her daughter.

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