What Life Looks Like In An Alternate Universe

The President of the United States used color as the main criteria to choose someone to fill a vacant seat on the Supreme Court. He told us that he will not choose anyone but a black woman to fill the vacancy.

When the woman he chose was asked if she knew the definition of a woman during her Senate hearing, she told us that she does not know because she is not a biologist. That woman received enough votes, and she now sits on the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

A few days ago, another judge from another court ruled that men who call themselves women can compete against real women in powerlifting competitions.

The left tells us that boys can become girls, girls can become boys, men can get pregnant, and men can also have periods.

Oregon has a law that allows 15 year olds to so called transition from their sex to a make believe version of the opposite sex without the permission or knowledge of their parents.

School teachers want to address children, and treat them as the children’s opposite sex, while these children are at school, encouraging them to identify as the opposite sex without the permission or knowledge of their parents.

Teachers are exposing young children to graphic sex in schools, teaching them all kinds of none traditional values about sex, and they think that parents should not have any say on what schools teach their children about sex.

The left thinks that introducing children to drag and drag queen shows is no big deal.

A couple years ago legislators in New York stood up, cheered and celebrated as they passed a bill that allowed abortion all the way up to the third trimester of pregnancy and even up to the week of delivery.

Ripping a fetus from the womb of a mother is described as women’s health care.

The Left tells us that removing sexually explicit material from children’s access is book banning.

Government officials champion and actively pursue the cause of censorship.

They tell us that the free flow of information endangers democracy.

Stealing up to $950 is no longer a felony in some cities run by liberals.

No cash bail even for violent crimes is policy pursued by leftists in the name of equity.

None of this is opinion.

We are officially living in an alternate universe.


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