The Lying Media Industrial Complex

Joy Reid: 

the salient issue for Republicans is stopping students from learning black history, and from even discussing the existence of gay people. They’ve decided that the most important issue in the country, more than the economy more than anything else, it’s stopping kids from learning those two things.

How do you take anything these people tell you?

Observe that this is not an opinion about what she says. This is not an interpretation of a statement, and using it to say that somebody incited an insurrection or anything like that. This is not an exaggeration or a misstatement that anyone is can make.

This is Nazi level lying. This is in your face. This is brazen lying that is designed to paint people is the worst possible color, and damage them.

If you think this is as bad as it gets, you are mistaken. There is a lot more where that came from.

They also told you that Trump was a Russian asset.

Trump called Nazis fine people.

Trump incited an insurrection.

Funny thing is there are transcripts for both of these and exactly what Trump said is there for anyone to review.

It does not matter. They nevertheless repeat it.

They told you that Kyle Rittenhouse is a white supremacist (remember how they kept repeating the white supremacist mantra?) who was stirring up trouble the night he shot some people in self defense.

Nick Sandman is a racist white supremacist who was antagonizing a peaceful, harmless Native American elder.

Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russia disinformation.

Border patrol officers on horseback were whipping Haitian immigrants.

The list is endless. Again, none of this is opinion, no reading into what people said to come up with a conclusion. No mind reading here.

This is all stuff that actually happened, brought to you via the left and the media industrial complex. 

This is Nazi level lying, purposely so.

Whenever they tell you don’t believe your lying eyes or your untruthful ears, you know that’s when you have to be even louder. Don’t let them gaslight you one bit.

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