Some Inconvenient Truths Blacks Must Admit

One of the saddest issues in current day America is the heavy toll that crime takes on black citizens.

Blacks make up less that 15 percent of the population and commit over 50 percent of murders. They commit almost 40 percent of all violent crime, including robbery and aggravated assaults. In some cities the numbers are even more staggering.

Most of the people affected by these crimes are other black people. Now it’s true, as has been noted before on this page, most crime among the various ethnic groups are committed by people within the group. In other words, whites commit crimes against other whites. Hispanics commit crimes against Hispanics etc. Asians may be the one group that this may not be the case.

In any case those, though crimes within groups are committed by members within the group, no other group is as prolific committing crimes against their own as black people. It’s the same when it comes to cross ethnic crime. Blacks commit crimes against other groups more than the other way around.

These are inconvenient truths, and it seems that no one wants to honestly address them because they go against the narrative that blacks are under siege in America.

The only time that there seems to be any serious discussion about blacks and violence is when a police officer is caught up in a controversial incident with a black person, as happened in the George Floyd and Tyre Nichols cases.

If it is a white cop, then the media hysteria goes to another level, although these incidents are not indicative of the norm.

No one ever talks about the fact that blacks are also responsible for a large number of attacks on the police, and police officers are disproportionately killed by black men.

Many of the areas with a large black population are infested by high crime, high drop out rates, young people unable to read and write at grade level, high rates of teenage pregnancy, drugs, and a large number of homes without fathers.

In these environments, there is often a higher need for the police. With the increased police presence, there’ll be more interactions between them and the populace, with more interactions and the amount of problems that exist in these communities, there is more likely for things to go wrong.

In many of the discussions about the tough issues facing black people, these factors are seldom discussed. The popular narrative is that the white man is the oppressor of the black man,and the black man is the victim of the white oppressor.

This narrative has been generally accepted as true by a large number of blacks. A sad consequence of them blaming external causes for many of the problems that exist among large numbers of the black citizenry is that many blacks seldom think they have reasons to look internally for the cause, and find solutions to their own problems. If it’s whitey’s fault then it’s whitey who has to to self correct and fix the problems.

If this is the case, there is hardly any room for self reflection, and as a result, the cycle of violence and other issues that have plagued our fellow citizens who are black continues.

No one is saying that racism does not exist. It’s impossible to ever be rid of racism. It is a fact of life, the same way that other social ills like greed, jealously, lies, anger are facts of life. No one thinks that these things must completely disappear for any group of people to be successful. Yet the standard for racism is that it must completely be gone for black people to be successful.

This is fool hardy, and an impossible standard to have. Yes racism exists, but the racism that does exist is not significant enough to stop black people from being successful as any other group.

If they work hard on the issues that drive many of the problems they face, and apply the remedies to solve them, they could even surpass other groups. The success they achieve will directly be related to the work they put in to make their lives better.

Why it is controversial to say this is puzzling. Actually it’s not so puzzling. There are people who benefit from them maintaining the status quo. Their business model is directly tied to the suffering of blacks, and portraying the white man as the main cause of their problems.

It’s time to put the race hustlers, the pimps and the entire industry out of business.

Let’s bankrupt the Jesse Jackson’s of the world, the Al Sharptons, the Michael Eric Dysons, Mark Lamont Hills and the whole cabal.

Black people have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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