The Killing Of Tyre Nichols And The Anti Police Left

Here is a unique idea. Get ready now. This is revolutionary. How about blaming and prosecuting the 5 policemen who killed Tyre Nichols for his death, and taking a deeper look to see if there are any issues within the Memphis Police department that contributed to the attitude displayed by the police officers who took his life. Why not look into the SCORPION unit to which they belong to see if there is a culture there that fosters the kind of aggression we saw displayed by these men against a man who was no physical threat to them. Maybe there is a bigger question of leadership across the memphis police force that ultimately led to the kind of behavior that we saw in the video that showed the brutality they inflicted on Nichols.

 Perhaps it is a question of their hiring practices. Do they really have a good vetting process in place for those they allow into the force? Have they lowered the standards for who they allow into the service in order to accommodate diversity demands?  Is it a matter of training? 

No sooner had the screams of Tyre Nichols gone unanswered, and his life snuffed out than the leftist agitators came out doing everything in their power to create an atmosphere of fear, distrust, race hatred, division, and chaos. 

It’s not enough for them that we have to deal with the fact a man died under these really terrible circumstances. No, they also have to agitate and stir the atmosphere with anti police sentiment, anti white hysteria, and anti American propaganda. 

Now to be clear, what happened to the young man who died at the hands of these despicable police officers is horrible beyond what any word can convey. It is awful beyond belief. You cannot look at the video of the police brutalizing that man and not be horrified by their actions. It’s not just that they brutalized him, but there seemed to be an abject lack of humanity in the way they so callously beat up on him. He was nothing to them. He might as well have been a hog on the slaughter block. 

It was heart wrenching to see. From reports in the media, Nichols lived a short distance away from where he was killed, so maybe he was hoping to escape from their clutches and get to the safety of home when he first ran away from them. He did not make it home. It was literally a case of so close and yet so far. Hearing him call out “mom, mom” was heartbreaking.

 What these police officers did to that young man is inexcusable to say the least. At one point in the video of them beating up on him, you see them raise his limp, decrepit body off the ground, and hold him up so that they could continue inflicting bodily harm on him. The violence on display in the video is very graphic, extreme, and gratuitous. 

It was incredible to watch the raw hostility they exhibited toward this man from the get go. They were in an absolute rage from the onset when they dragged him out of the car, and they exercised not one ounce of their de-escalation tactics in the situation. They started with their aggression level at a ten and kept taking it up a notch with each passing moment. The unmitigated hostility toward Nichols was kind of surreal to watch.

Another thing that stood out is despite wearing the cameras that would capture every moment of their confrontation bearing witness against their hostility and actions; they persisted nevertheless. They did not give a darn that their actions were being recorded, and they continued to beat Nichols to a pulp. Why would they behave this way? Did they believe they were untouchable or that their behavior would be condoned? The fact that they would behave this way suggests that that there is something deeper at play that demands answers.

Police work is not for the faint hearted. It can be dangerous, and intense. They function in a dark seedy world that many of us can never imagine how truly dark it is. Violence perversion, a total disregard for human welfare, and human life are a natural byproduct of this world. This is the world in which the police operate everyday. On the other hand, not every encounter involves dealing with the darkest elements of this world, so there is a precarious balance that the police must learn to maneuver. There is nothing to justify the way these police officers treated Tyre Nichols on the night he was killed.

 We can all unequivocally say without reservation that there is no place in a civil society for the behavior these policemen displayed. The truth is that these actions on their own are enough to engender feelings of distrust in the police from the public, but to witness the usual suspects in the media use the occasion to continue pushing their anti police agenda however, is real troublesome. Watching them turn the issue into one of “white supremacy” is even more disturbing. 

We have the right as citizens to demand that the police conduct themselves in a more humane manner. We should speak out in a loud clear manner that this kind of behavior cannot be allowed to happen anywhere. It is reprehensible. It is intolerable. Despite the pressure of having to function in the degenerate world in which they do, the police must be men and women of character who conduct themselves with honor.

We could say and agree to all of that without letting the race pimps, the ethnic hustlers, the fear mongers and the anti America crowd take control of the narrative with their anti police, anti America propaganda.

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