Is A Third Party A Pipe Dream

If I was starting a new political Party I’d approach it in a different manner. I’d be more strategic than the way these so called third parties do it every election time. I’d definitely treat it more seriously than they do.

After determining the agenda of the party. The next step would be to start organizing behind the scenes with people of like mind, and character. The next step would be to work with some tech savvy people who know how to draw attention to a cause. The goal would be to try and create some viral videos to get people talking and asking questions about who we are.

Assigning a social media team to manage the Party’s online presence across all of the major platforms would be a major objective in driving to the goal. The intent would be to create a buzz that will spark interest, leave people wanting more information, talking, and curious about the Party. The idea would be to try and create so much talk around the promotion, that the news media would want to know more.

With all of that, organizers would take the opportunity to go on a media blitz, and use every opportunity to emphasize the importance the Party will place on character, values, adherence to the U.S. constitution, and competence.

In the meantime, leaders of the party will be advised to not compete in any electoral contests for the first two years, but get involved in strategic community work. Let people feel the party’s presence. Think medium to long term.

In addition to general work like cleanup campaigns, working with food kitchens, after school programs etc., identify some specific causes where the party may be able to make an impact and work to bring solutions.

Even further, among the causes the party identifies as areas it can make a difference; choose one as the cause de celeb. Make sure it is an issue that they can expand statewide, and nationally as the party’s influence grows. They must commit to it, laser focus in on it, and work to find possible solutions for whatever the cause is. Work to make it synonymous with with the Party.

While doing all of this the Party must continue to draw attention to what it is about, while simultaneously highlighting the issues that the country is struggling with, and the way the uniparty (or duopoly if you prefer) has betrayed Americans.

After about two years of putting in the work necessary, start focusing on small local political contests where the party may be able to make some inroads. Perhaps school boards, town councils and other local public services.

Try to gain some traction using that strategy, then move up to state level contests. It does not necessarily have to be high State Government level contests like Governorships, State Senator etc., although that will be part of the strategy. The aim is to just look for areas where the Party can make an impact in the public arena.

As the Party’s presence begins to be felt more and more, they can eventually begin moving on to the bigger contests on the State and national level to see how they fare.

What is the point in adopting this or some kind of similar focused strategy in seeking to disrupt the uniparty/duopoly (however you view the corrupt system that is currently in place). The point is that the current system is so firmly entrenched that just showing up around election time and announcing that you are a third party candidate will never work.

Any third entity challenging the status quo must have a plan. They must have a brand and a presence that voters are familiar with and can relate to, not just around election time, but also in the periods in between elections.

That’s the only way to stand any chance of creating a crack in the glass vault that protects the overlords of the system in place at the moment. To approach this any other way is to scream that they are not serious.

Is a viable third party just a pipe dream?

What do you think?

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