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A Nation In Decline

To the extent that any school should be teaching children about sex, it should not extend beyond teaching about the biological processes necessary for children to be created… nothing more nothing less.

It is not the responsibility of any party outside of the home to teach children about sexual morality, how to do it safely, what type of sex is acceptable or anything like that. That is not anyone’s business but the parents.’

Go check out California and see what they teach children about sex, and as a parent and you’ll hold your head in utter disbelief. As a parent you cannot eve opt your children out of the classes.

It’s a sick world we are living in, and it’s all brought to you by the left and the Democrat Part.

Everyone of you older generation who bought in to Democratic Party lies over the years, this is the country you have helped to create.

No one is saying that the Republican Party is pure, but it’s precisely because they get judged by a different set of standards that they have been forced to for the most part, watch their behavior. It’s not that there is anything better than them because they are Republicans. They just can’t get away with stuff the same way. That’s a good thing.

But these issues go a lot deeper than merely Democrat and Republican. At the core of all this is the question of the heart.

Human beings default to bad behavior whenever they forsake the values that have been established by Almighty God. These values are evident in nature. In addition, we know how success springs from them when we embrace them.

The country was founded and built on biblical principles, and the further we move away from them, the further down into the abyss we sink.

These biblical principles are what set the nation on a constant trajectory of improvement, so that even though we did not always live up to them; there were always people holding the nation to account. They were always confronting leaders for their failure to live up to them, forcing them to work on improving who we are as a nation.

Today as we forsake these principles, we are moving in the opposite direction.

It’s a shame, and heartbreaking to watch as the nation self destructs, while everyone whistles a happy tune in the midst of societal collapse.

What a shame indeed.

Our trusted news media

The media on the Twitter files:

meh, nothing to see here.

The media on the Hunter Biden’s lap top:

it’s a lie, Russia disinformation.

The media on police officers killed on 6 Jan 21 during the Capitol riots:

five officers were killed by rioters (not a single officer was killed).

The media on Joe and Hunter Biden’s influence peddling businesses connections/dealings:

conspiracy theory.

The media on chaos at the border:

there’s no chaos at the border, and if there happens to be any, it’s Trump’s fault.

The media on Democrats carrying out their plan to create a demographic shift via immigration policies (a plan they have told us about with their own mouths for decades):

racist replacement theory conspiracy.

The media on the issue of a President who is so obviously in a state of mentally decline, and cannot do the job:


The media on the Afghanistan withdrawal, with hundreds of Americans left there, including a bus load of children, and the Taliban becoming one of the most well armed terrorist regimes in the world because of billions worth of equipment left by the U.S. military:

Trump negotiated the deal.

The media on historic inflation:

inflay what?…

The media on the COVTRICK-20, gain of function lab theory:

CONSPIRACY, absolutely impossible.

The media on vack seen efficacy:

the pandemic of the unvack seenated.

The media on nat ural immunity:

shut up science denier.

The media now:

Trust us for the news. We bring the real stories.

Hold your heads high believers

Folks, never ever hang your head in shame because you believe in God. Declare it from the housetop, and shout your message of hope to the world.

Don’t ever be intimidated by the people who want to beat you over the head using the word science as their bludgeon.

Laugh them to scorn when they spew their garbage and expect you to lap it up simply because they use the word science, the same way they laugh at you.

Scientists Have Bizarre Theory For When Aliens Might Try To Contact Us


Scientists Have Bizarre Theory For When Aliens Might Try To Contact Us

Scientists at the SETI Institute are working on a new theory for when aliens might try and contact Earth, according to a report published in December.

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