Race And Marriage

Black men…or anyone for that matter, you do not owe anyone an explanation if you love someone from another race. You do not have to justify it, or apologize for it. You don’t have to prove you are really black either by going out of your way to demonstrate your black bonafides.

Listen carefully. No black man owes any black woman marriage simply because she is black. No black man should automatically disqualify women of another race simply because these women are not black. That is garbage.

Now, a lot depends on motive. If you are about to marry a woman from another race simply because you think there is something cool about it, or you think there is some kind of status to be obtained by it; you are asking for trouble. If you refuse to marry a black woman simply because of some stereotype about black women, you may be denying yourself the benefit of connecting with your life partner. If you marry a woman of another race simply because of her race, you may be setting up yourself for a life of hell.

On the other hand, if you find that you are physically attracted to women of a particular race simply because they capture your attention more, there is nothing wrong with that either. The same way that some men are attracted to women of a particular height, built, feature etc., some men may find themselves more attracted to women of a particular race. It is not because they think that other women from other races are not attractive. It’s just that they find themselves more often than not, gravitating towards women of a particular race for the simple reason that they find them appealing.

The bottom line is to find someone with whom you are compatible. Find someone with whom you are comfortable and will challenge you. If you have shared values, common interests, similar goals, have a connection, and the common desire to share a life together, then go for it.

Forget all the race nonsense and marry a woman. She does not have to be black. She does not have to be white, Chinese, or Hispanic. She should to be woman that you love and that loves you, with whom you can make it work, and do great things together. She has to be a woman that is right for you. She must respect you, and make sure that she does not buy into the modern feminist brainwashing nonsense where she thinks that she always has something to prove. She understands who she is and is not constantly declaring that she does not need a man, or how strong she is.

Run if that is the case…run…do you hear?…run as far away as you can in the opposite direction!

Make sure that she understands you are a team, and that you value her, but she doesn’t have a problem following your leadership. Put God at the center of both your lives and man…what a team you can be together.

Do that and you’ll increase your chances by a large number for marital success.

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