Don’t Let The Left Steal Your Story

Left to the Democrat Party, nobody would have a story to tell. The Democrat Party attributes every hardship, difficulty, or trial that people face in life to an unseen villain who is bent on hurting people.

So in the world of Democrats, life is never hard because life is just hard sometimes. people don’t go through rough times because they are paying their dues, and learning tough life lessons. No sir, Democrats would be there all along the way to tell you that the only reason you are going through your difficulty is because of the nebulous unseen villain. Usually the villain’s name ends with ist and the problem is a word that ends in ism.

Truth be told sometimes people do get in the way of other people’s success. For reasons unbeknownst to most, some people get a kick out of seeing others fail and playing a role in that failure. Thing is, even that is a part of life and sometimes people have to learn how to handle even those situations.

Again, it’s called life and these are the things that we all have to navigate as we make our way on life’s journey. From time to time we will need the help of a friend, an acquaintance, a family member or even a stranger to make it through life’s troubles, and all along the way God is there always wanting to help us.

This thing we call life has no guarantees though, and sometimes it just does not work out, and it is not necessarily anyone’s fault. There are times when you could legitimately blame someone else but those moments are not the norm.

The Democrat Party machine wants people to think that every problem is someone else’s fault and the Democrat machine can fix whatever ails you.

Whereas in the past people would give stories with a sense of accomplishment about all the difficulties they endured and made it through, the Democrats believe people should not have these stories.

No one would be able to tell their grandchildren about that time when for a brief period they had to work two jobs, and go to school just to get where they are now.

Democrats say you should not have to struggle and work two jobs just to pay your bills.

You should not have to pay for college, and health care should be absolutely free. The idea of spending on yourself and investing in your own welfare is anathema in the world of the Democrat machine.

Left up to them, you would not be able to talk about that period of your life when you survived on Ramen and Cup a Noodles. The Democrat machine insists that there is no virtue in that.

Whatever the struggle one has, Democrats believe that uncle Govvy should be there to ensure you never ever have to face any of them.

They would deny everyone their story and gladly place themselves as the solution to all of life’s problems.

They want to put themselves in the place of God as they systematically eliminate God from the public sphere.

It’s a sick concept to promulgate because this world in which they want people to function, no one would ever need to dig deep and find fortitude to contend with life’s dilemmas.

There’ll be no need for people to be inventive. Innovation goes out the window when people do not have to struggle. There is no need for people to learn the the beauty of community, working together, brainstorming, and finding solutions to problems that plague communities.

Just look over there to the sugar daddy Dems. They will solve all of those problems is the mindset the machine wants people to adopt.

Naturally in a world like this, such a mindset leads to atrophy of the mind, and people become dependent on whoever promises the most goodies, or to take your problems away. It leads to a sense that one cannot help himself.

For every solution you need a hero because life should never be that hard, and if it is, then send for your friendly neighborhood Democrat super hero. They become God indeed.

It is easy to spot how destructive the Democrat machine ideology really is when one considers and compares it to the beginnings of this country, and the things that people had to overcome with sheer grit, determination, and hard work.

People did not look for anyone to come rescue them. They did not expect any benevolent benefactors to swoop in and make everything alright.

They looked to their creator and each other, put their heads down, and did the work to make life better for those coming behind. They literally built a country from nothing.

That legacy gave us the country we have today. Now instead of looking back to see how we got here and maintaining those important principles, the Democrat machine is willingly destroying all of it.

They want to tear down and rebuild what we have into a socialist utopia where nothing goes wrong. Everything is free. No one struggles and all of life’s problems magically disappear.

They are on the march. They are relentless. They are never satisfied every concession that you make to their demands only yields more demands from them and they keep on moving forward.

Who would have ever thought that the country we have today would be be what it is?

Despite all of this, we can’t afford to give in to these bullies and their ever increasing efforts to change the country into what the founders never imagined.

Don’t let them deny your story.

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