Cultural Engagement

So let’s talk a little culture. You know Andrew Breitbart used to say that politics flows downstream from culture. While it is clear that politics is where actual policy and laws happen, nothing influences politics more than the culture.

It is the main reason for so many of the big changes we have seen in our country over the years. The left learned a long time ago that you could soften people up to be more accepting of the things they want, by saturating the cultural landscape with ideas they would like to see implemented.

It is why today even the U.S. military is woke. It is nothing strange to get emails in your inbox from high ranking officials pushing leftist narratives. Ask people in the military. They’ll tell you. 

This acceptance of all things woke, no matter where you turn happened to a large extent because the left saw Hollywood, academia, and big business not just as different fields where people conduct business, but they saw each of these fields as places to influence the culture.

So while conservatives and the right in general were trying to engage people with ideas spoken from traditional platforms in seminars, conferences, political rallies etc. The left was pushing their agenda at Universities, in the business world, and most of all in the entertainment industry where they were much more effective getting people to accept their destructive ideas.

MacGyver was a very entertaining show for instance, but the people behind MacGyver admitted that apart from giving the people an entertaining show to watch, they were promoting an anti-gun message.  Ben Shapiro, before he became known as a conservative stalwart, interviewed a few of these Hollywood bigwigs some years ago. He got them to relax, and they spoke freely about how they were pushing their agenda in their shows movies etc.

Just a few years ago people used to laugh and say, those woke lefty students with all of their unrealistic expectations were about to get a wake up call “when they enter the real world.” No one thought enough of the influence that lefty professors were having on these young skulls full of mush (as the beloved Rush Limbaugh used to call them), to counteract the leftist messaging at the Universities.

Today those students that we laughed at are now in the real world. They are running the businesses at PayPal, facebook, Twitter (until recently), Google, YouTube, Apple, Disney, and everywhere you turn. They are not just content to push their agenda in the arena of ideas, but they want to force their ideas on the rest of society by virtue of the influence they now wield in the world of business. 

They recognized that they could influence the culture much more effectively using the means they have, rather that the conservative method, when conservatives give people nice sounding speeches about the virtues of capitalism, the free market, family, free speech, the constitution, God etc.

As a result today we not have Disney pushing the transgender ideology to children with a boldness that would have been unimaginable a few short years ago. The institution of marriage has been extended to include men “marrying” men, women “marrying” women. Pornography books are now displayed in school libraries, with a special emphasis on pushing the idea that gay sex is a beautiful act that is the most natural thing in the world.

The effect on the culture has been so effective that many of the parents who object to this kind of indoctrination are now deemed as the intolerable ones.

The idea of free speech is regularly attacked, and censorship is now viewed as a viable option when it comes to beating ideas that the left is considers to be unworthy of an audience.

This is the world in which we now live. People on the right cannot afford to stay out of the cultural forums where so much of the battle has been waged. They might be a little late to the game, but they can still participate.  

They have a lot of ground to make up, but that’s ok. They cannot afford to have a defeatist attitude. Thank God for men like Dinesh De Souza, Ben Shapiro, the Director of the Film My Son Hunter, Robert Davi, PragerU with their videos, and others who have gotten in the game in the last few years.

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