The Righteous Left

Hi, my name is Obnocks Sius

I’m a hate monger, or at least so they say, but I’m a lefty. That makes all the difference. That makes it alright.

My hatred is righteous. I despise all things with which I disagree, and I hate the people who espouse these things even more.

When I rage, and I rampage, it’s usually for a good cause. It’s true I burn cities, destroy neighborhoods, and leave a trail of bloodshed, murder, mayhem, and billions in damages everywhere I go, and everything I touch turns to dirt, but never mind that. I do it all with good intentions and to strike a righteous blow to those right wing haters. Their violence is not righteous and must be judged differently than my violence, and the violence of my lefty compatriots.

Our violence is righteous! There’s is based on white supremacy. Everyone knows that.

Speaking of racism…don’t misunderstand, my racism is directed at those who indulge in the wrong kind of racism. Besides, it’s not reeeeeaaaly racism.

It is true they do not have a platform to spread their hate. It is true their racism is called out in the media at the drop of a dime. It is true that the FBI will move in on them without hesitation. It is true that their racism is usually not tolerated, and people lose careers for simple violations of the racism rules that we have established.

Don’t compare their racism to ours though. Our racism is righteous racism. We deserve our platform. Black conservatives deserve to be called Uncle Toms. They deserve, to have their blackness questioned. Who do they think they are walking away from the left? Race traitors is what they are. All of them. My job is to call them out and bring them back on the plantation…uh…right side.

Low taxes, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, small government, opposing the nanny state, support of the second amendment, etc. etc. etc? Who do they think they are?

And the white man. Don’t get me started.. He deserves the abuse, the name calling, stereo types and all the abuse he gets in the press. We must put an end to whiteness. Those universities courses on how to combat whiteness are legit. We support that church that fasted against whiteness for lent during the run up to last easter. The calls for white genocide by the number of University professors in the last ten years are well deserved. All the anti white sentiment we hear in the media everyday. That’s on the level.

And CRT, it’s not racist at all. We know that all of America is pretty much broken up into two groups, the oppressor group and the oppressed group. It is evident that the oppressors are white people, the white male in particular. Everyone else is made up of the oppressed. Every disadvantage the oppressed suffer in this life, every hardship, every misfortune, every bad circumstance in life. none of it is ever their fault, or because life is filled with adversity. It is all whitey’s fault. Everyone knows that. Why is pointing that out racism?

Don’t blame me for speaking the truth on any of these matters. Call me racist if you want. If it is, then it is righteous racism.

I make no apologies. I am Obnocks Sius. It is my calling to let you all know what horrible people you are. I just tell it like it is.

Deal with it!

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