The New Racism And It’s Advocates

Back in 2017 Ohio State University hosted a session called  “Interrupting Racism: Tips & Tools for White People.” During the session, one guilt ridden white female self righteously declared “Whiteness grants you power and access to things,” she further added “As a white woman, I can walk into any space and know that my white privilege will grant me power and access to things that someone else is not going to experience.” Boom! That settles it. Nothing wrong with making such a blanket statement about a whole group of people. It is the truth. When asked by a black student if only white people can be racist, Angie Wellman, associate director in the Student Life Multicultural Center said yes. Only white people got the power so only they can be racist. There you go.

Recently one young black man by the name of John Fuller, a member of the same University said the following “I would absolutely love to live in a world where Black people were taught that they are superior,” He was not done. “I would love it because I full-heartedly believe that.” Then dropped this gem “By taking away the teaching of one race as superior to another, that is inherently white supremacy because white people learn from birth that they are superior. There is nothing that they need to be taught in school that tells them that,” Did you get that? Look at it again. Let’s break it down. Forbidding the teaching of race superiority in general is a form of white racism. Why?…because white people have it ingrained in them from birth. Now it it black people’s turn to get that benefit. Let’s go ahead and make it part of the curriculum. 

Here is a goldie from a guest lecturer at one of our prestigious Universities, no lesser institution that Yale University. The lecturers name is Dr. Aruna Khilanani. Here are some of her inspiring words. The topic of the awe inspiring lecture was called “The Psychopathic Problem of the White Mind.” She declared I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a f**king favor They feel that we should be thanking them for all that they have done for us. They are confused, and so are we. We keep forgetting that directly talking about race is a waste of our breath.’ Madam was not done “We are asking a demented, violent predator who thinks that they are a saint or a superhero, to accept responsibility. It ain’t gonna happen. They have five holes in their brain. It’s like banging your head against a brick wall. It’s just like sort of not a good idea.”

Some months back, some black female students at the University Of Virginia thought that it was a good idea to harass some white male students simply becaue these young man had the audacity to be in the same room with these black females. The young black females were having not of it so the did not hesitate to begin harassing the young men for being white and in the same space with them. They were offended by a police lives matter sticker that one of the students had, and they immediately got to work. “You’re offensive. ‘Police lives matter?” The harassment continued. “You’re making this space uncomfortable. You’re white. Do you understand what a multicultural space [means]? It means you’re not being centered.” One of the harassers demanded the young men leave if the “have any consideration for people of color and are marginalized.” The young men heard that “Every single part or the campus centers you,” the student cried. “This is the only space that you’re not centered, and you’re still trying to center yourself, which is white cis male bullsh***.” They were not done and they continued to harass the two white students for being white and daring to be in the same room with them.

This leftist poison has even invaded the so called church. Leading up to Easter during lent, one Church in Chicago decided that they were going to fast from whiteness. Responding to the backlash, the leadership said “In keeping with the Lenten spiritual discipline of fasting, our intent was to lay aside our usual frames of reference and open ourselves to hearing the Gospel message through the voices of Black People, Indigenous People, and People of Color. Our worship services in Lent have been diverse and beautiful, joyful and Spirit-filled. We pray that God oils the hinges of our hearts doors that they might swing open gently to receive the good news of Christ’s resurrection, which we all await at the culmination of Lent.”  What do you say to this garbage? Make no mistake, the message of Christ is open to all. He is not respecter of skin color, but this is the kind of nonsense that has no place in the body of Christ. 

Tiffanny Cross of MSNBC had this to say about the Will Smith, Chris Rock slap “I will try to put this in context for our White fellow countrymen as best I can,” She explained “In really, truly Black America, (what is the criteria to be identified as truly black America?) there’s a commonality amongst us all. If we went to a White person’s home, and it was their family dinner, and we were sitting at the table, and the mother hauled off and slapped the father and everybody at the table has an opinion.” “If I weigh in as the guest in this home and say, ‘Yeah, you guys are terrible,’ Everybody’s like ‘I’m sorry. When did you get an opinion? This is our family table.’ That’s what this moment felt like for many of us. And there is a nuance that happened. “I want to be really clear, while we talk about family talk. I think it is utterly ridiculous to center this conversation in the opinions of White folks. This is just about what happened there. The jumping off point should not be what might the White people think about it. It is just this moment between those two men. I thought it was uncalled for,” Cross said.

Ok, one more for the road. This one is all the way back in the annals of 2015 from a radio show called Sunshine’s F***ing Opinion Radio Show (we did not get here overnight, there’s been a slow steady creep for years). A man called in to the show and opined, speaking about white people “when those mother f**kers are by themselves, that’s when when we should start f***ing them up. Like they do us, when a bunch of them ni**ers takin’ one of us out, that’s how we should roll up.”  He said, “Cause we already roll up in gangs anyway. There should be six or seven black mother f**ckers, see that white person, and then lynch their ass. Let’s turn the tables.” The host did not find it necessary to check her caller. Instead she approved.

Now what is the point of highlighting all of this. It is to show how dangerous the left is to this country. These examples highlighted here demonstrate how the left has created a climate that makes people believe that they can say these things without any fear of negative blowback. They do not have to worry about getting cancelled, being ostracized, losing careers, getting called out on a 24 hr loop on CNN or MSNBC has Can you find white supremacists who hold similar views about their race. No doubt! Here is the difference though. They are not given a platform on college campuses to spread their bile. They do not get a prime time show to preach their propaganda. Go ahead and call Tucker Carlson a racist all you want. You cannot reference anything from Tucker’s shows that come even a pico fraction of an inch close to the examples I gave. All you have are your opinions. 

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