Look Inside Black America

It blows the mind seeing black people continue to so casually accuse people of racism with nothing to back up their claims. It is just crazy! So many of the people who do this have no second thoughts about making these flippant claims. They just put it out there with no regard to how these baseless accusations sully people’s reputations, and destroy their lives. It is ridiculous!

The section of black people who continue to do this seriously need to stop doing it. It is mean spirited, evil and wrong to just wantonly accuse people of being racist based on nothing but your feelings.

If as black people we say that we want to be treated equally we have to understand that sometimes equality will manifest itself in negative ways. As a result, the clerk at Walmart who you thought was mean to you for no reason may have been having a bad day, and he just took his frustrations out on you. Being mean to a black person does not mean that the person was mean to you because you are black. Black people are not excluded from having bad human interactions simply because the are black. It is possible for a white person to be a jerk simply because that white person is a jerk. 

The black victim posse needs to get some self confidence. They need to develop some thick skin and stop looking at the world through black eyes. Everything is not about race. No one is saying that the there is no racism in the world. From time to time you may encounter some racism, but how much does it affect your life? White supremacy is not holding anyone back in this country.

Let’s say the clerk was mean to you because you are black, how does that affect your life? Besides, if you can prove it; you can sue Walmart for racial discrimination. The tools, the mechanisms and the systems in place to deal with racism are all there for anyone to use. There is nothing stopping black people from being successful as any other group in America. 

Stop blaming everything on race and expecting special treatment because you see yourself as a victim. It’s not cute. Stop it. Lift your head up as an American. Be grateful for all of the opportunities that are there for you to take advantage of and use to your benefit. Square your shoulders. Clench your jaws. Close your fists. Look to the Lord. Put your head down and forge ahead. Be grateful for the good things in your life. Stop envying every white person who may be doing better than you are and saying it is because of racism. Work harder. Work smarter where you can, and stop this constant whining about racism every time you face adversity. It’s weak. It’s not a good look.

Again, just to make sure no one misunderstands the point being made here, no one is saying that racism does not exist. The contention is that there is not enough racism that does exist to keep black back. To the extent that racism has such a negative effect on black people that it keeps them back; it is with the cooperation of black people. It is time to abandon the culture that was created to break up the black family, and lead to so many homes where there are no black fathers. Reject the people who tell blacks that the main reason for the problems that exist in black America is the system, the white man, white supremacy or some other nonsense. 

When it comes to race and police, remember that the police go where crime is highest. As a result, there is likely to be more negative interactions with the police. Sorry, but crime is highest where black people live in large numbers. It is not happening because they are black. Black people do not have any intrinsic quality that makes them worse human beings than any other group. We have to be honest though, and acknowledge there are some cultural issues blacks must address to help put them on a better winning course. 

Pay no attention to those who tell black people the police is the enemy. They are not. Sure there are bad apples among the police, just like there are bad lawyers, bad doctors, bad nurses, bad engineers, bad teachers etc. During encounters with the police cooperate with the police and take up any issue that you have with them later. Stop being antagonistic, confrontational, and aggressive. Ask your self if it was really possible that the police noticed you were black when you flew past that speed trap doing 75 in a 65 zone. Let us do some deep introspection to see what black citizens need to do  for themselves to fix the communities where crime is high. 

Stop blaming underfunding for failing schools. During segregation when schools attended by blacks were truly underfunded and neglected, many black schools were producing excellent students, and in some cases even outperforming their well funded counterpart white schools. Black people from this era did not feel sorry for themselves. They were motivated and used adversity to challenge themselves. The hard work they did often resulted in the high performance of many schools during those times. Take an honest look at the behavior of black students when confronting the issue of disproportionate disciplinary measures against black students in schools. Stop reflexively blaming white supremacy. The reason may have something to do with actual bad behavior by black students.  

If you have the same credit score, and make the same amount of money as your white colleague, but you have been denied a loan, while he got one from the same bank; stop for a moment. Do some inventory of your life to see if there is perhaps another reason you have been denied. How much debt do you have? Are you paying off two car loans while your white colleague and his wife are driving 10 year old vehicles on which they have no debt? Are your monthly expenses the same as your white colleague? Have you been at the job the same amount of time? Are you single and he married? Are you both married but your wife is not employed while your white colleague’s wife has a high paying job? In other words take a look at yourself before you go blaming the system. 

Perhaps the best thing a black person can do to truly live free ad break the chains of victimhood is to beware of the self appointed white savior. You know him well. He is always right there to give you all the reasons why you can’t do well for yourself. He is always there to complain about you being in the dark, but he will never point you to the light. 

He never hesitates to point fingers at other white people as the reason for all of the black man’s problems. That way he gets to paint himself as the paragon of virtue so that you begin to trust him. He will then go on to sabotage your upward mobility by telling you that you simply can’t get ahead without his help. He will never give you a ladder to climb, but he will not hesitate to provide you a rope that he controls from the top. You will always be at his mercy because he never seems to pull you up to the point where you do not need him. He refuses to treat you as an equal. He will never scold you when you need a scolding. He will blame someone else and tell you it is not your fault. He delights in giving hand outs, but he will never give you a hand up. He is always there to say poor you. This white savior loves to bask in the glory of rescuing black people, but he is no hero. He is actually your worst enemy. 

Beware of him! 

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