Who Cares If There Are No Black NFL Owners?

So what if there are no black NFL owners? We’ve had a black President, a black Vice President, black Senators, black Congress people, black 4 star generals.

We have Oprah Winfrey, Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Michael Jordan, Rob Johnson, Quincy Jones etc.

When did owning an NFL team become the barometer to determine that we are really doing well?

Everyone keeps talking about how the NFL is 70 plus % black but so few black coaches and owners.

Well 60 percent of the nation is white. Using the same standard to complain about blacks, should white people be complaining that there are so few white people in the NFL, NBA, MLB etc.

Instead of being grateful for the opportunities that do exist for black athletes, NFL ownership has become the new frontier for black people to whine like a bunch of banie, and to play the victim.

Stop it, stop it, just stop it. It makes black people look weak.

Just keep on doing the work until we get black NFL owners. Stop with this nonesense. It is ridiculous.

The NFL, instead of vigorously defending their organization will instead pander to the mob. It’s sickening.

People really need to stop. Stop flippantly calling people racist and sullying people’s names with nothing to back up their claims except “disproportionate numbers.”

It really needs to stop.

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