Take Back Your Apology Joe Rogan

Joe Roga owes no one any apology for saying the word ni….. Context matters. When did this become the only word in the world that people are not allowed to say? Are you telling me that if a white person says you should never call anyone a ni…., or describes an incident where the word ni….. was used that person is a racist?

So let’s get this straight. You can use the:

MF words

The Cu word

The bit word

The tw word

The Jesus f… Christ words

The BA Who… words

The cra… word

You can use all of those words at people, with the purpose of offending and insulting people, to cause hurt and be hateful.

You can do that, but the one word…the one word…the one word in the entire word that is forbidden; it is anathema, you simply are not allowed to let it proceed from your lips regardless of the context of the word ni…

Get outta hear.

The only people allowed to use the word is black people using it against one another or as a so called term of endearment when they put an a at the end of the word.

White lefty actors like Leonardo Di Caprio in Django who can use the excuse of “art” are also allowed to use it.

This is what I mean when I say white lefties refuse to treat blacks as equals. They insist on treating blacks like weak babies who do not have any fortitude. Blacks always need some white crowd to take up their fight and protect them. It is the job of white leftists to save weak black people from words. We just can’t handle it. We are their pet project.

This is how they see us.

Rohan’s mistake is that he apologized.

Do not ever surrender to the mob.

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