The Scam That Is Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is scam. Don’t forget it. The movement consists of a bunch of thugs pretending to represent black America. These people waged a mini Jihad on American cities two years ago for endless months, wreaked billions of dollars in damages to business, terrorized neighborhoods, took over city blocks, burned down police precincts, set police cars ablaze, tried to burn down federal buildings night after night, and left a trail of violence, mayhem, and murder.

All of this was based on the false premise that George Floyd was killed because he was a black man, Jacob Blake was shot by police who hate cops and Breonna Taylor was executed by the popo. All lies!

A bunch of thugs is what they are and no one should be afraid to call them out for it.

To a large extent many of the people who inflicted the destruction that they committed were led along by a bunch of white virtue signaling, guilt ridden caucasians, who see black people as their pet projects.

They insist on portraying black people as weak, helpless victims who need these white saviors to lead them like the pied piper. So many of the black people who claim to represent the interests of black people just simply say yes sir, and they dance to the music following the pied piper straight over the cliff.

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