Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee

So President Biden has made his choice of who will replace Justice Breyer on the supreme Court. True to his promise, he picked a black woman. Every Justice eligible to sit on the Supreme Court who is not black should sue President Biden. Don’t get it wrong. There is not a thing wrong in picking a black woman to sit on the court, plus; President Biden has the right to choose whoever he wants to sit on the Court. He does not get to make that choice based on race though. 

Joe Biden’s decision to put a black woman on the Supreme Court without considering the wide range of personnel qualified to do the job is the classical definition of racism. So once again, we have Democrats treating black people like their special pet projects. In the minds of Democrats, black people do not have what it takes to compete with the best so therefore blacks require special treatment. Blacks are not good enough to make it on their own. 

No doubt there are black women who qualify to fill the soon to be vacant position on the court, but they should be considered with all of the other candidates who are eligible to fill this position and should not be given special treatment. When there is such a wide range of candidates who can fill the position, but the President of the United States decided to disqualify a large percemtage of these qualified personnel based on nothing but their race. 

That is the dictionary definition of racism. It does not become a virtue simply because the prejudice is directed toward white people. In addition, disqualifying another group of people based on their gender is the classic definition of sexism. It does not become a thing of virtue because the group that the President has decided to exclude is male. The position of Supreme Court Justice is a position that exists in the Federal Government, and Federal Law makes it illegal to exclude people from hire based on race. It is against the law.

People should object to this constant appeal to identity politics that the Democrat Party insists on doing, no matter how far the country has come. This is 2022. The past is past. There is nothing that we can do about it. In today’s America, people should be allowed to succeed or fail based on their own merit, and not given an extra push simply because of their race or Gender. Simply assuming that race is the reason disproportionate representation in any area of American life exists should be rejected if there is no evidence to back up the accusations. If there is evidence that a particular individual is being denied the opportunity to serve on the highest Court in the land because of race, then that is unacceptable. Whoever has the evidence that race is the reason an American citizen is not being treated fairly, with dignity and respect, should present that evidence and demand that it stop. Americans of all stripes and color should be outraged and do what is in their power to fight discrimination whereever it exists. 

Having said that, the racial or gender make up of the Supreme Court should not matter. What should matter more than anything, are the qualifications of those who will be dispensing the justice on the court.

 There should be a set criteria to fill the position of Supreme Justice of the United States. Color or gender should never be one of the criteria. If the people who qualify to fill all nine positions are black women, then so be it. If it is an eclectic mix of qualified people who represent the different races that too is good. 

The main issue is the qualifications of the personnel filling the positions, that’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

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