When They Accuse You, Examine Them

Ladies and gentlemen, never ever doubt it. Whatever the left accuses you of, if you are conservative, make no mistake they are guilty of doing it. Their aim in always accusing others is  to divert attention from their own underhandedness. The left is truly evil, and it is very frustrating that people do no realize how destructive their ideology really is. 

Ok, I hear you. It is not only the left that is evil. The right is just as evil. Stop talking like it is only the left. Blah…blah…blah! No one disagrees that the there is evil on the right also, but here is the difference. The right does not encourage the mischief makers in their movement. The media never tolerates mischief makers on the right. Hollywood does not tolerate mischief makers on the right. Social media does not tolerate mischief makers on the right. The leftist corporatocray does not tolerate misbehavior on the rightIn other words, when people on the right step out of line, a barrage of condemnation usually ensues from a 360 degree angle. Perpetrators usually have to do the walk of shame, and spend the rest of their lives doing pennance. They have more reason to not step out of line. 

If it is a really vile act that some imbicile on the right commits, pressure is put on prominent people to renounce the person or the action. Chuck Todd will be in your face on his Sunday show asking you about the tone coming from the right. You could almost hear the bag of wind right now. Senator are you prepared to denounce this kind of rhetoric coming from those in your party? Would you look into the camera right now and say that you do not support this?” We see it over and over again. 

We see it every four years with the David Duke game. Even after 26 years since moving to America, the David Duke game never ceases to amaze. He is like a rabbit that the left pulls out of a hat. Then they frame the news cycle to include David Duke. Somewhere along the line, the media has to get a David Duke link to the Republican Party or some conservative. It does not matter that David Duke is personna non grata in the Republican Party, and the conservative movement. It does not matter that after David Duke left the Democrat Party, and ran as a Republican candidate back in 1987 that the Republican Party did not support his candidacy. It does not matter that the Republican party supported the Democrat Party candidate for the seat that Duke ran to fill, that he got no support whatsoever from them, and the Democrat candidate won. 

The Dylan Roof story is another example. Anyone remember the reaction to Roof after he committed that horrific act at the church in South Carolina? There was no end to the talk of him being a right winger. Everyone denounced Roof, as they should have done. All the left needed was to find some way to affiliate him with the right, and they were off to the races. If you are on the right, you have to be circumspect. On the other hand, the left celebrates their recalcitrants. They refuse to give coverage to anything that defies their narrative. They will give national attention to a “Karen” questioning a strange black man who she has never seen before, and attempting to enter her building. On the other hand, they will be silent on numerous videos of black men randomly punching old white ladies, old Jewish men, or white women on a train in the head. Their intolerance is good intolerance. Their violence is righteous violence. Their racism is to be applauded. They consider themselves to be edgy the further down into truculence they descend. And no one calls them out. Chuck Todd never has questions for them. 

Never forget 2020! These people wreaked havoc on the nation for well over six months of daily thuggery on American streets, based on a lie that the police killed a black man for no other reason than his race. They terrorized neighborhoods. They seized city blocks. The burnt police cars. They attempted to burnd down federal buildings night after night, after night, and they even burnt down a police precint. They attacked the police, and left a trail of murder and mayhem in their wake. The way that Democrats and their allies on the left responded, one would swear that these hooligans were freedom fighters in the American revolution. 

They were not satisfied though. They upped the ante and turned on the white male with blatant acts of racism, culminating in the unabashed and unrelenting push of critical race theory. Even when people discovered what they were up to with CRT they never backed off with their open racism. 

It has always been this way. They think that their ideology gives them a liscense to do anything. Nothing is off limits. 

Remember when that Bernie supporter opened fire on Republican Congressmen a few years ago? The media, Hollywood, academia et al had nothing to say about his Bernie Sanders connection. The code of silence went into full effetct. After the incident, Joy Reid even asked if Congressman Scalise who was shot during the incident did not kind of bring it on himself. These people are vile beyond belief.  

Right after the Dylan Roof incident, a black man ran through a Los Angeles street targeting white men, shouting allahu akbar and killed three people in the process, but that was never given the kind of coverage that we see whenever these incidents involve someone on the right. This is their pattern. How about the Kosher grocery killing in New Jersey in 2019? How about the Kenosha Killings last December? 

This is what makes the left such a danger. Whether it is celebrating mass murderers like Che Guevarra, Fidel Castro or American terrorists like Lopez Rivera. The left is shameless. They are proud, but worst of all; they see themselves as virtuous because of their heinous actions.

This makes them very dangerous. Why do so many not see it?

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