Bill Cosby’s “Real” Mistake

The saga of Bill Cosby gives a good look into the psyche of white left wing America, the black bourgeoisie, and the Democrat machine, in terms of how they view black people. They all see blacks as their pet projects. They love to infantilize black people and hold them to a different standard than they hold other Americans. Nothing is ever the fault of a black person whenever something goes bad in that black person’s life as far as these people are concerned. It is always blamed on some other. The black bourgeoisie and their white enablers view everything through race colored lenses. Nothing ever happens for any other reason besides race. There are no negative consequences to living simply because life can sometimes be difficult.

The black bourgeoisie is always there to agitate. Their white left wing counterparts are always their to present themselves as heros saving the poor black man who just cant catch a break unless lefty whitey gives him a break. In this twisted world, black people are never encouraged to look inside to see where they may need to make changes. Why bother to do that? Nothing is ever their fault right? Blacks are always encouraged to look without. For instance, if there is a disproportionate number of black people in jail, it is not even an after thought for this collective group of elites that perhaps it is so because blacks commit disproportionately more crime than others. No sir. It is the white man’s fault. The system is to blame. 

In that scenario there is never need for self reflection and where there is no self reflection there is no personal accountability. The white leftist enablers and the black agitator class love it that way. They get to continue perpetrating the ruse that blacks are helpless victims who just can’t catch a break. And the cycle continues! The black bourgeoisie agitates on behalf of their pet project, refusing to hold anyone in black America to account. They stir up the black masses and then, right on cue, whitey comes swooping down to perform the rescue act. 

The black elite get to feel like powerful movers and shakers. They enrich their pockets in the process, and the white lefty enablers get to pat themselves on their shoulders, feel superior and ride a wave of political momentum gained through their “advocacy.” It is a nice arrangement between all of the parties. 

There is a very important catch to all of this though. The black masses must, under all circumstances, maintain their victim status. They have to walk within the parameters set for them by their white masters and black victim drivers. As long as they do that, everything is going to be fine and dandy on the plantation. Step out of line though…and ooooh boy. Step out of line and they will do everything in their power to destroy any black person seeking the advantages of a free mind. 

Look at the way they treat black conservatives if you doubt this. We’ve seen it over, and over, and over again, whether they are unleashing their fury on Clarence Thomas, trying to keep him off the Supreme Court, Ben Carson for describing slaves as types of immigrants like Barrack Obama often did or Senator Time Scott just for being his own man. They come hard. 

Bill Cosby found out the hard way that you must never step out of line as a black man especially if you have skeletons in your closet. For years it was an open secret in Hollywood that Bill Cosby was a notorious philanderer, and practiced some suspicious behavior with women. As long as Bill Cosby did not get beside himself, get a little to big for his britches, a lil to uppity, and see himself as more than the black bourgeoisie, their white enablers and the Democrat machine said he was, it was all good. Bill Cosby did not have permission to step out of line, and he found out the hard way when his world came crashing down all around him. 

It is quite telling that for all of his years in Hollywood with his notorious reputation, Cosby was loved, cherished, and got to parade himself as the squeaky clean TV character he had portrayed on his hit show. Until he stepped out of line…

One day Bill Cosby did the unthinkable. He called on a certain segment of young black men to behave themselves, and act like they have a little sense. All hell broke loose. It brought an end to the image of the man we all came to know and love. There was outrage. There was backlash. There was pearl clutching. There was disbelief. How dare he! Does he think he can…can…can think for himself?

It was in response to this temerity by Bill Cosby that the black bourgeoisie decided to take him out. It was after a young black comedian made Cosby the highlight of one of his routines that Bill Cosby finally got a little bit of attention focused on his philandering ways. Who was he to talk about black men when everyone knows x about him? It snow balled from there and today when we think of Bill Cosby we no longer automatically think of Cliff Huxtable, Fat Albert, Uptown Saturday Night, or his first The Bill Cosby Show. Today when you think of Bill Cosby, his name is synonymous with philandering, Quaaludes, and possibly sexual assault. What is the lesson? Well it’s simple. Know your place black man. Stay in your lane.

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