Blackness Is Not A Disadvantage, Whiteness Is Not A Benefit

Black people, please refuse to look at any man as privileged just because of the color of his skin, and you as disadvantaged because of the color of your skin. 

Do not harbor any feelings of inferiority because of your skin color. We’ve been wonderfully made by God. It is a part of our make up, but blackness in itself should not define us. 

Let’s treat everyone the way we expect to be treated. Do not make any blanket statements about any group of people. The same way that you do not want a person from any group making blanket statements about blacks en masse don’t do it to others.

To make it a lil more personal, the day that I look at any white man in America and deem him as privileged just because he has a shade of skin that is lighter than mine, is the day when I need to turn myself in for a mental self examination.

Some no talent, unintelligent, white dude or dudette who does not put himself or herself in the position to be successful, plus has a poor work ethic should never be viewed as a threat to any black person simply because that person has a lighter shade of skin.

Why would anyone automatically adopt a mind set that says a person has a better chance than one’s self of making it in the world simply because of skin color and hair texture? Please do not continue buying in to that if you do. Do no set such low expectations for ourselves, or take on a can’t do attitude because people keep telling us as black people that we are starting at a disadvantage in every endeavor that we set out to accomplish. Do not put that extra mental burden on yourself, fighting bogeymen and demons that do not exist.  

Keep yourself in a frame of mind that prepares you for real battles that you will no doubt encounter because life is often filled with struggle. From time to time you may encounter bigotry. When you do, just confront it like you would any other problem, but do not make a bed of self pity, to lie in while feeling sorry for yourself. Do no burden yourself with a mentality that is perpetually aggrieved because you think someone is out to get you for no other reason than your race. Do not live in that prison.

For those white people with the talent, the intelligence, the work ethic, and who put themselves in positions to be successful, they should get nothing from you but respect as a black person. Do be envious of them. Do not stereo them because of a physical characteristic over which they have no control. Stop falling for that nonsense. 

Look at these people to see what you can glean from them, and continue to put in the effort to be successful. Don’t fall for the leftist trick that constantly portrays us black people as victims. Poor us, we just can’t do better, because of whitey over there. Whitey has such an unfair advantage over us. His skin is light and he has straight hair. That alone, absent of any other factor makes him more likely to be successful. We as black people, with our dark skin tone and nappy hair are more likely to to face hardship and failure, absent any other factor. 

Are you serious? Are we really giving such power to the people who tell us this, by believing their low opinion of us as black people. Is that really a message we want to embrace as black people? 

Do not buy in to that leftist victim mentality. Ask yourself this question black person, what is it that any white person can do that you cannot do in America if you put your mind to it, and put in the work.

No white person determines how far any black person can go in life in 2022 America. The success of no white individual is going to be a hindrance to how successful any black person can be.

Even if white people have some residue of privilege left over from a bygone era, that is not enough for us to whine about, nor is it enough to hold us back in any way, or stop us from being successful. In life we all face obstacles. Deal with them and keep on moving.

Utopia is a dream. There is no scenario in which every circumstance is perfect to do life. The bigger question is do we have the tools that we need to be successful. There is no doubt here, I am convinced that we do.

Pay no attention to this white privilege nonesense. Just stop for a minute and think about it. These people are telling us that the color of our skin automatically makes us victims, and a disadvantage. We could never be good as the white man unless they make it easier for us. 

We have it so bad, we are in such terrible shape that we don’t even have what it takes to get an ID card to vote in the two year time periods between elections. Black people are such awful parents and caregivers that for the eighteen years they raise their children they do not know how to instruct their children to get an ID card to vote. You have got to be kidding.

This is what our white leftist protectors, and the black bourgeoisie enablers think of black people. They want black people to see them as their heroic benefactors. They continue to infantilize black people, treating them as their pet projects who are forever victims, and who just can’t catch a break in America.

Is this really the identity we want to continue grasping, and holding on to so tightly as black Americans?

It’s time to kick these people to the curb, and take our rightful place not as so called “African Americans,” but as Americans. 

We never hear a message of hope from these elite clowns. We never get a message of encouragement from them. It’s a steady diet of how terrible it is to be black in America, and a constant barrage of gloom and doom. 

Look folks, there are some issues that we face as black Americans that affect us more than they do other groups, but instead of looking outside and blaming the white man, the system or any other outside influence; can we take a look deep inside ourselves to see where we need to make changes? Ask ourselves what we are doing to contribute to our own problems. Can we do that? Can we be honest about the cultural issues we have that contribute to our struggles? 

The first step in solving any problem is recognizing the problem, then admitting the problem exists. We can then go on to looking for possible solutions and testing them to see what works.  Then we could go on to implement what does work best and reap the benefits.

Let’s not voluntarily wear the chains that white power hungry, guilt ridden, virtue signaling, sky is falling politicians, their black elite counterparts, and their minions everywhere want us to wear.

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